How to Cure Piles Permanently at Home


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Vithai Piles hospital providing Top Piles Specialist in Pune. Vithai Piles clinic one of the top piles clinic in Pune for Piles or Hemorrhoid Treatment.


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PILES SPECIALIST Piles is disease caused by constipation. So Ayurveda dealing with this diseases by relieving constipation and avoiding straining at stool. Ayurveda is science which mainly concentrate on not to cause the disease. Prevention is mainly focused. But when the disease has formed then one can restrict it to certain limit by following these rules. By Dr. Atul Patil and Dr. Sarita Patil In ayurveda text following are the rules- Vithai Piles Hospital providing best piles specialist in PCMC Pune for painless without operation and caring which peoples are suffered from hemorrhoids or Piles. They are giving different piles of treatment at a reasonable cost. Also they are providing Ayurvedic treatment as well as allopathy treatment. Dincharya how one should behave eat in 24 hours Rutucharya one should make change according to season So while dealing these problem at home one should concentrate on diet and movement. It can be summarised as below. 1. Take hot meal. 2. Chew the food well. 3. Avoid immediate sleeping after meals. 4. Take adequate water or liquids 5. Take at least one fruit daily. Preferably empty stomach. 6. Take dinner earlier as possible. 7. Avoid bakery products. 8. Avoid maida products. There no such medicines to cure it at home. But if pain is more then sufferer can take hot water sitz bath. Drink more and more water though you are not thirsty. Light diet can be digested easily. So take light diet. If pain is worsen one can buy diclofenac 100mg suppositories and place inside the anal canal. Book your appointment Call us at +919403223306 Email Us: Visits Us: Address: Above Yash Medical Kasarwadi Pimpri- Chinchwad Maharashtra 411034 India

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