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Vi-Tel Makes it Possible!

Vi-Tel Launched Nationwide:

Vi-Tel Launched Nationwide January 1, 2011

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Vi-Tel goes Viral As of February, Vi-Tel Wireless hits over 800,000 search results in Google.

Direct Sales:

Direct Sales 700 Billion in annual Revenue The Direct Selling Association forecasted that by 2010, networking and direct sales companies will produce over $700 billion in annual revenue. Some well known Fortune 500 companies that have offered products and services through networking include: Bausch & Lomb, Coca-Cola, General Electric, Motorola, AT&T, MCI and Xerox. Clearly, networking/relationship marketing is the trend of the future.

Who is Vi-Tel Wireless, LLC? :

Who is Vi-Tel Wireless, LLC? Incorporated in November 2010 Over 55 Years Combined Experience in Retail, Direct Sales, and Customer Services Our Corporate Leadership; Scott Rogers – CEO & Co-Founder Larry Rogers – CFO & Co-Founder Alan Murakami – Managing Director & Co-Founder James Pearson – Managing Partner & Co-Founder Director of Marketing and Rep Communications. Joey Adair – Director of Merchant Services Corporate office is located in Houston, TX

Who is Vi-Tel Wireless, LLC? :

Ground Floor Opportunity Debt Free Corporate Partners = No Salaries Low Overhead Who is Vi-Tel Wireless, LLC?

Who is Vi-Tel Wireless, LLC? :

Our Mission Statement: We will provide the highest level of quality and technology in all products and services that we offer. We will create and sustain a positive sales environment for our sales representatives focused on you, with professional training and industry leading incentives combined with unmatched sales support. Who is Vi-Tel Wireless, LLC?

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- Clear has quickly become THE name of 4G . Their rapidly expanding network and highly competitive pricing makes them a solid solution for Mobile Internet , Internet at Home , and Home Phone . - The Vi-Tel suite of wireless services means you can literally sell any phone, any plan, any carrier, to anyone. Everyone needs a cell phone, everyone needs a wireless provider; you now have the tools to get everyone exactly what they want. - Dish Network is the nation’s largest HDTV provider. With over 200 HD channels , they are the obvious choice for today’s television entertainment. - Front Point Security offers the latest technology in home and business security. Remote Monitoring , 5-Star Customer Service , and Excellent Pricing have made Front-Point a rising star in Security Systems. Direct Reseller For: - North American Bancard is an industry leader in merchant services . A+ BBB Rating, 10 Billion in transactions processed every year, over 100 merchants.

Our Products:

Our Products Cellular HTC EVO Sprint’s Price: Our Price: $199.99 $149.99 Verizon’s Price: Our Price: $99.99 FREE T-Mobile’s Price: Our Price: $249.99 myTouch 4G Droid Incredible Samsung Captivate AT&T’s Price: Our Price: $149.99 $29.99 $99.99 Internet Home & On-the-go $60/mo Clear Spot $45/mo Clear Take 3 Home + On the go + Voice $80/mo

Our Products:

Our Products Satellite Merchant Services $24.99/mo Over 60 HD Channels Security Hi-Tech Monitoring $34.99/mo Customizable Devices and Systems Low Rates (as low as 1.05%) Free Equipment Highest Commission Plans

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Where is the Solution? Asking your boss for another raise or promotion? We are a dynamic business opportunity that puts a million dollar business in the palm of your hand for less than fifty bucks. With industry low Sign-Up Fees A small monthly membership fee You get a fully functional website Back-office support Automated Accounting A license to sell the biggest names in wireless services, security, television, and more Invest in your own business? Invest in yourself?

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BEST OF ALL: No inventory to buy No quotas No minimums You don’t have to qualify your company to get paid.

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Maybe you are tired of your current job? Maybe you can’t see yourself reaching your goals with your current income ? Maybe YOUR DREAMS are currently out of reach? Maybe the commute to work and office politics have gotten you down or you have not received that promotion you were promised . Maybe you want to spend more time with your family? Maybe there is a sense of accomplishment missing in your life? Maybe you want to make your mark and grow something special that you created? Looking For A Change?

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Stake your claim in owning your very own business today . VI-TEL = SOLUTION Replace your income Supplement Retire?

Start your own business today:

Start your own business today Start making money tomorrow Control your financial future Many people want to start their own business but don’t know where to begin… Vi-Tel makes it possible

6 Ways to Make Money!:

6 Ways to Make Money! Personal Sales (40% to 60%) Team Overrides (5 Levels, 6% to 15.5%) Fast Start Bonus ($25 for Each Personal Enrollment with sale) Matching Bonus (3% to 20%) Generational Bonus (6 Generations, 3% to 5%) True Company Profit Sharing Pool (5% of Quarterly Profit) Note: 75% of Sales Credits from each Sales Team leg can be counted towards title promotion in addition to your personal sales credits.

Commission Levels:

Commission Levels Marketing Representative (MR) Team Leader (TL) = 7 Vi-Tel sales credits or 5 in 30 days or less . Area Sales Manager (ASM) = 30 Vi-Tel Credits or 20 in 45 days or less. Regional Sales Manager (RSM) = 75 Vi-Tel Credits, or 50 in 60 days or less. National Sales Executive (NSE) = 200 Vi-Tel Credits, or 100 in 90 days or less. Vi-Tel Makes it Possible to excel to the Top Ranking in the Company through just your personal sales alone if you choose!

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YOU $66 $132 $198 Building Blocks to Wealth As a new MR, make 3 “Get One Mobile Plus” sales with a Gross Commission of $165. 3 Personal Sales X $165 (CV) X 40% (MR Commission Rate) = $198 Week 1 $198

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FAST START BONUS $504 $198 $275 $352 3 MRs X $25 = $75 OVERRIDES $132 $198 $429 MR $66 $132 $198 Building Blocks to Wealth Find 3 other success-minded people and help them make 3 sales. 3 MRs X 3 Sales X 15.5% (Your 1 st Level Override rate) = $230 Week 2 MR $66 $132 $198 MR $66 YOU

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Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 X X X X X 3 x 3 sales x 15.5% = $230.18 9 x 3 sales x 13% = $579.15 27 x 3 sales x 10.5% = $1403.33 81 x 3 sales x 8% = $3207.60 243 x 3 sales x 6% = $7217.10 Building Blocks to Wealth In Under 90 Days WHY STOP THERE? Continue this trend and the results are astounding!

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Building Blocks to Wealth In Under 90 Days 363 The total number of members in your organization would be: What would your total income be?

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VI-TEL MAKES IT POSSIBLE! Building Blocks to Wealth In Under 90 Days $13,919.41

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Your business is a direct reflection of who you are. If you are driven and successful, your business will be successful.  You are the CEO of your business.  You are the founder, President, and 100% stockholder in your own company. When it’s all said and done, you are responsible for the success or failure of your company. You are responsible for creating dreams and setting goals.  It starts with believing in yourself, improving your attitude, and replacing bad habits with good ones. As entrepreneurs, we have an obligation to realize our vision in an atmosphere of integrity. This is a shared tenet of all our team members. I would like to personally welcome you to Vi-Tel Wireless and encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities that we have to offer. Volkswagen says it best, “There are two kinds of people on the road of life: Passengers and drivers!” It’s About YOU…

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THE TIME IS NOW And I need to know… Our industry is booming We are looking for top leadership to lead and build our nationwide sales expansion and identifying key people to lead. ARE YOU AVAILABLE?


GETTING STARTED Own your own demo devices (not required) Become a Vi-Tel Wireless Authorized Reseller Email or fax your W9 to 1-800-906-8136

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