Some Basic Rules of Driving in new Zealand

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Some Basic Rules of Driving in new Zealand:

Some Basic Rules of Driving in new Zealand Presented by- Vita Cars

Some brief about roads:

Some brief about roads New Zealand’s roads are often narrower, windier and not as well maintained than what you may be used to at home, for instance, some of our main roads are gravel roads! So, driving in New Zealand may be a bit more challenging than what you are used to. So just to be safe, here is a quick reminder of the most important rules to driving in New Zealand. These tips are more important than tips of buying a second hand car in New Zealand.

1. Keep left:

1. Keep left Drive on the left side of the road and check on your right when entering a roundabout.

2. Fasten the seat Belt and follow the speed limit:

2. Fasten the seat Belt and follow the speed limit Wear seat belt all the time while driving the car. Like in most countries, the speed limit signs are obvious bearing a big red circle and a black number in its centre. The basic speed limits in New Zealand are 30km/h near roadworks and dangerous zones, 50km/h in cities and towns, and 100 km/h on highways.

3.Slow down before corners:

3.Slow down before corners Ne Zealand has lot of corners and what is behind the corner you can’t see from the distance. The recommended speeds are displayed in diamond-shaped yellow sign with an arrow signalling the shape of the turn. The recommended speed marked in black under the arrow sign.

4. Pass with care:

4. Pass with care Always check that it is safe to overtake vehicle beforehand and only engage when you are 100% sure that it is safe. Keep in mind that crossing a solid yellow line is illegal in New Zealand.

5. Don’t Drink & Drive and say no to mobile phones while driving:

5. Don’t Drink & Drive and say no to mobile phones while driving You can put yourself in trouble in case of drinking and driving simultaneously. Don’t attend the call while driving as it is illegal in new Zealand similar to many countries.

6. Know how to use roundabouts:

6. Know how to use roundabouts First, when approaching a roundabout, indicate left to show that you intend to exit left or right to show that you are going more than halfway around the roundabout to exit right. You don’t need to indicate if you are exiting the roundabout straight ahead. You must give way to all traffic that will cross your path from the right.

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