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Contact: Viswajith Email: Mob: 00971 50 599 34 35


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MVT Spark Team UAE & INDIA : 

MVT Spark Team UAE & INDIA Contact: Mr. Viswajith Viswanathan Email: Phone: 0097150 599 34 35 web:

Welcome to the Future : 

Welcome to the Future

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What you are going to see today…?

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1) The InternetOver 1 Billion Connected 2) Online Video 3) Web Conferencing GLOBAL MARKET LEADER BRINGS A Combination Of The 3 Fastest Growing Industries In The World

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Cutting Edge Internet-based Communications Technology Product. INTERNET BASED VIDEO WEBMEETING

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Welcome To

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MyVideoTalk USA founded in 2004 MyVideoTalk Europe founded in 2005 MyVideoTalk India founded in 2007 MyVideoTalk SE Asia and UAE on 1st August 2008

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THE MVT DATA CENTER Security–Monitored 24 Hours a Day,7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year Biometric retina andfingerprint scan to enter

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A World Class facilitywith Multiple Redundancy Architecture Fully staffed network operationsmanagement, with a multi-tier response system THE MVT DATA CENTER

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Video-email video web streaming video web meeting VIDEO WEBMEETING Future Belongs to the Digital Age

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My Video Web Mail

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Insert Images Upload Your Company’s Logo Or Insert Text Insert Images Insert & Format text with text editor. Link to any website online. Choose from many background images.

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Send personalized invitations and greetings to family members and friends …

Property and Real Estate Agencies can give a virtual home tour of the properties… : 

Property and Real Estate Agencies can give a virtual home tour of the properties… Call me on 9448853663 Email:

Video Resumes leave impressions… : 

Video Resumes leave impressions…

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Grant Davis Age: 42 Qualification: MCsSHoward University Work Exp: 12 years Hobbies: Painting, climbing, trekking, public speaking. Married, with 2 sons and 1 daughter Email: Post Applied for: Director, Software R&D Now It’s bye bye for typed resumes … IT IS TIME FOR VIDEO RESUMES

Streaming To Mobile Phones : 

Streaming To Mobile Phones Coming soon to INDIA

Slide 29: , Hey Guys…! It has been a long time that we have met ..

Fastest Growing Technology Users : 

Market growth potential excellent Fastest Growing Technology Users 1.2 Billion Internet users – and growing

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India Has 6 Crore Internet users as of June 2008

Fastest Growing Technology Users : 

Fastest Growing Technology Users 60 Billion emails sent daily Less than 0.1% of Internet users have experienced these technology products Market growth potential excellent

Fastest Growing Technology Users : 

Fastest Growing Technology Users INDIA has the fastest growing internet user base in the world….growing 3.5 lakh users monthly Market growth potential excellent

Video Mail - Usage : 

Video Mail - Usage Better Personal communication -> V-Greetings, Share family function videos, V-Invitations etc.. -> Political campaigns, Video Resumes etc.. Business Applications -> Property sales (personal home tours) -> Product demos ( any product like mobile, cars, viral marketing…) -> Customer Follow-ups ( Insurance Sales people) Learning & Training -> Video E-Learning ( any subject , dancing , cooking etc…) -> Training Organizations on specific areas. -> Video News-Letters. etc… Network Marketing & Training -> Powerful Tool to build Business online. -> Train & manage Team online. -> Better & Fast Duplication.

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Remember when they said … The Motor Car will never become popular… CDs will never replace vinyl and cassettes… People don’t need Mobile Phones… Email will only be used by a few businesses… “Video email will replace text messages as the online communication mechanism. Text-based email will seem as archaic as black and white television.” ~ Forrester Research

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My Video Web Streaming

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Website with video web streaming… MyVideoWebstream STREAMING VIDEO - ON DEMAND for Websites “The future for Businesses is now here”

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MyVideoWebMeeting Power Live internet video meetings with multiple people in the meeting room – live on video & at Real Time.

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MyVideoWebMeeting Power

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MyVideoWebMeeting Power Desktop and file sharing, power point presentations, push web pages. Web-based – no downloads for guests to attend !

MyVideoSystem : 

MyVideoSystem Concept ~ A simple system to build your business. Step 1 - Send prospect a video email about your business. Purpose ~ The systems are duplicative, people are not. Your prospects will say “I can do that”. If it is simple and duplicative, the quicker and easier it is to build . Step 2 - Link to My Video System (link to your personal My Video System right from the video email) Step 3 - Invite to a live MyVideoWebMeeting, conference call or hotel meeting – JOIN Step 4 - Repeat and duplicate

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MyVideoTalk is committed to continue introducing cutting edge Internet communication technologies This is just the beginning…


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WHAT IS THE ROLE OF THESE PEOPLE Prosumer Basically buys the products or services for personnel use. Team Builders Buy and Use the product also they want to make some extra Income or part time Income Business Builders focus on creating huge Networks and focus on team building and creating wealth this peple are the reason for the growth of the company

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Investment Recovery (making product free…) Profits Accumulation (Upto 35000$/week ) Special Rewards (Leadership rewards) Profit Sharing Plan

Multiple Income Streams : 

Multiple Income Streams Weekly Earnings: Fast Start Bonuses Team Builder Bonuses Cycle Income (main source) Special Bonus: Executive bonus Rewards: Leadership Rewards WEEKLY PAYMENTS are based on sales from THURSDAY TO WEDNESDAY

Slide 52: 

Rs.600/- Rs 1600/- A YOU A1 A2 B1 B2 15 TEAM BUILDER Rs 1200/- Team Builder Team Builder EXECUTIVE EXECUTIVE BONUS(125$) Rs 5000/- TOTAL BONUS(195$) Rs 7800/- Rs.600/- 15 10 Rs.400/- 1. Profit Sharing Plan Investment Recovery Plan

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2. Wealth Accumulation “Cycle Bonus” LEFT LEFT RIGHT RIGHT 150 Rs.6000/-

Slide 54: 

Wealth Accumulation cont… Earn 14 Lakhs / WEEK !! 1 Cycle ……. Rs. 6000/- 5 Cycle ……. Rs. 30000/- 10 Cycle ……. Rs. 60000/- 20 Cycle ……. Rs. 120000/- 33 Cycles/day …… Rs. 200000/- a day ! > No Targets System !! > No Flush OUT !! > Paid on Weekly Basis !! > NO BOSS !!!

Slide 55: 

Leadership Rewards

Slide 56: 

Presidents Weekly Club

“Total start-up income” : 

“Total start-up income” $40 (Rs. 1600) Team Builder Bonus + $150 (Rs. 6000)Cycle and check match Bonus $125 (Rs. 5000) Executive Bonus (One Time) $345 (Rs.13,800) $30 (Rs. 1200) Fast Start Bonus + +

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Potential Passive Income Growth

Your One Year Income : 

Your One Year Income Your Income : 8190/9 INR 54,60,000 $1,36,500 910 = * $150

The MyVideoTalk IndiaTotal Video Solutions Package : 

The MyVideoTalk IndiaTotal Video Solutions Package MyVideo-WebMail MyVideo-WebStreaming MyVideo-Web Meeting MyVideoSystem (marketing site with Autoresponder) MyVideoTestDrive (1500 Test Drives for First Month) MyVideoForum, MyVideoCommunity MyVideoLearning ~OnlineVideo Seminars Inclusive of $29.95 Enrollment Kit $220 (Rs. 8800/- ) one - time set-up INCLUDES: Set Up, India monthly subscription and Hosting

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Multiple Payment Options

Slide 62: 

Account Name: MyVideoTalk Technologies (P) Ltd. Address: E-302 (Ground Floor), Greater Kailash II, New Delhi-110 048. ICICI Bank: Greater Kailash II Branch, New Delhi. Account No: 0 3 1 1 0 5 0 0 0 9 0 8 Bank Account Details

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MVT is a US-based company, all payments will be calculated in US dollars. The payment will be in Indian rupees after TDS and service charges. One USD is presently fixed at INR 40/- for all cash transactions. An annual account maintenance fee of USD 50 (fifty only) will be charged at the end of every year. For the MyVideo Talk services that is provided by the company 10% will be deducted from the weekly payouts. (Subject to a maximum of USD 500). IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Timing : 

Timing “The secret of success is to find out where people are going - and get there first” Mark Twain

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Growth Rate Of The Company

Slide 70: 

Final Thought Where Are You Now, Financially? "Information alone is not power.. Getting information is the first step toward having power.. Knowing what to do with the information and then ACTING on the information is power !!

Finally, it is often said…. : 

Finally, it is often said…. If you want to make it happen for You the opportunity is here… …There are 3 kinds of people Those who make things happen Those who watch what’s happening Those who wonder what has happened

MVT Spark Team UAE & INDIA : 

MVT Spark Team UAE & INDIA Contact Leader : Mr. Viswajith Viswanathan Email: Phone: 0097150 599 34 35 web:

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