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VISTAAR, a regulatory intelligence system (RI), curates the publicly available regulatory information from over 100 health authorities and constantly keeps you updated on the changes and evolution of regulatory landscape. It helps in effectively planning a regulatory strategy design which in turn helps in faster approval from the authorized authorities in the desired markets. VISTAAR utilizes machine learning algorithms and leveraging proprietary platforms for aligning company policies with current regulations and smoothens the development of a strategy for time-and cost-efficient drug development.


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Global Regulatory and Clinical Intelligence Platform w w w . v i s t a a r . a i

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WWW.VISTAAR.AI DDi Announces VISTAAR to redefine Regulatory Intelligence with AI enabled Technology Leveraging Artificial Intelligence technology provides comprehensive coverage and actionable insights on global regulatory information for drugs biologics and devices of about 90 countries.

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WWW.VISTAAR.AI Keeping compliant with the ever-changing global regulatory environment and quality standards is key to professionals involved in manufacturing launching and post-marketing surveillance of drugs and medical devices. The growth in the number and complexity of regulations and quality standards is posing several challenges to companies. Traditional Regulatory intelligence RI systems are not keeping with changing times and adapting technology to get Regulatory Aff¬airs teams right Insights at higher Return on Investment ROI. With a variety of information sources identifying and analyzing what you need for submissions is a time-consuming task. To make correct decisions for your organization easy and speed access to correct information makes all the difference. VISTAAR is a Global Regulatory and Clinical Intelligence Platform which focuses exclusively on providing Regulatory IntelligenceRI and Clinical Intelligence Clin Intel solution for drugs devices combination products biologics generics active pharmaceutical ingredients and animal health drugs thereby supporting pharmaceutical and medical device companies starting from overview of any country’s regulations or requirement to assess the regulatory needs for product registration and answering to any focused regulatory query.

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ITS CORE FEATURES INCLUDE: SUMMARIZE Pre-compiled regulatory summaries for drugs devices combination products biologics generics active pharmaceutical ingredients and animal health drugs of about 90 countries compiled by experts and updated frequently. HUNT It uses artificial intelligence NLP machine learning to get you right documents for your queries/needs. REG BOT With its chat interface gets you information faster for your simpler questions by using AI techniques at the backend. WWW.VISTAAR.AI

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ITS CORE FEATURES INCLUDE: MARKET PLACE With Its Unique NO involvement policy VISTAAR’s Market Place helps companies find the right consultants for their needs and Independent Consultants to meet Companies who need their Services. STANDARDS Keep you informed about the medical device quality standards updates and about which product is affected by the changes through e-mail notifications. MY COLLECTIONS Let’s you store and share links documents and more. WWW.VISTAAR.AI

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ITS CORE FEATURES INCLUDE: ANALYZE Coming up in May 2019 – Document Analyzer assists the user to analyze the scope of the specific document analyzes the content and displays the summary and scope of the information. CLIN INTEL coming up in June  2019 WWW.VISTAAR.AI

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USE VISTAAR’S INTELLIGENCE TO: Access continuously updated regulatory intelligence requirements and quality standards Reduce the complexity of Regulatory and Clinical teams going through the sheer volume of regulatory documents and a lot of them are irrelevant by providing summarized regulatory content based on your organization needs.  Be cost-eff¬ective with an easy-to-use interface and a comprehensive collection of regulatory content.  Understand submission routes and local regulatory practices  Compare regulatory requirements across countries Provides updated regulatory data from multiple sources both authoritative health agencies and other channels Increases RA productivity drastically Decrease your Regulatory Intelligence costs by at least 50 Maintains the centralized repository for regulatory intelligence or policy documents Monitors and tracks all Status changes amendments or additional medical device quality standard initiatives. WWW.VISTAAR.AI

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VISTAAR combines regulatory content compiled by experts with advanced technology AI to deliver a unique regulatory intelligence solution addressing the regulatory landscape including Classification Clinical Marketing Labeling Safety Variations Imports/Exports and other key areas based on the inbuilt proprietary algorithms that align with regulatory and clinical business goals. Visit us

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