What to Pack for A Trip to Tobago


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Many consider the island of Tobago as the real Caribbean. A melting pot of cultures with a rich history it is the ultimate vacation destination. If you are planning to visit Tabago then there are a few things you should carry. We’ve put together a packing checklist for anyone heading to this tropical paradise. Please feel free to add anything else you would like in the comment section. It sure will be helpful to the readers.


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What to Pack for A Trip to Tobago

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Tobago…the Real Caribbean A melting pot of cultures with a rich history The ultimate vacation destination Planning to visit this tropical paradise Here’s a packing checklist…

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Be Airport Ready Be Airport Ready ü Airport is the first stop of your destination. ü Keep your travel documents packed correctly and easily accessible. ü Keep your documents like passport visa travel cards travel insurance etc together. ü Use TSA approved locks on your luggage. Travel to Tobago

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Plan the Right Wardrobe Plan the Right Wardrobe ü Avoid skimpy revealing clothes. ü Pack clothes that are comfortable light suitable for hot weather. ü Camouflage prints are illegal in Tobago. ü Men should carry at least one pair of long pants a sun dress is a must for women. ü Carry a pair of sturdy shoes for outdoor activities. ü Carry lots of shorts. What to do in Tobago

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Be Sun Prepared Be Sun Prepared ü Tobago gets a lot sun. ü Carry water proof sunscreen with high SPF levels. ü Carry a hat. ü Carry Sunglasses. ü Carry soothing lotion for sunburns. ü Stay hydrated. Beaches in Tobago

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Other essential Items Other essential Items ü A first aid kit ü Mosquito and bug repellent. ü A small flash light. ü A small bottle opener. ü Carry some detergent. ü Carry umbrella to avoid direct sun and sudden rainfall. Activities in Tobago

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About Visit Tobago About Visit Tobago Considered by many as the true Caribbean Tobago offers its guests a unique travel experience. Come explore our island’s rich history culture biodiversity. Find the perfect accommodations for your stay. Learn about the many festivals cultural sporting events that take place throughout the year. VisitTobago.gov.tt will help you find that perfect restaurant idyllic beach historic attractions.

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For More Information: Visit Our Website: http://www.visittobago.gov.tt/ Tobago…the true Caribbean The Division of Tourism and Transportation: 12 Sangster Hill ScarboroughTobago W.I. Phone: 1 868 639 2125 639 4636 Fax: 1 868 639 3566

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