3 Reasons You Should Move to Google Cloud Platform

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3 Reasons You Should Move to Google Cloud Platform www.visualpath.in


Choosing a cloud computing deployment model and a reliable cloud provider can be a difficult task. Especially nowadays, we are witnessing a price war that is shaking the public cloud market. What we are about to see is the beginning of the cloud 2.0 era, where cloud resources are becoming more commodities and where true innovation dictates the market share of service providers. If you are planning to start your cloud business or decide to change in your current cloud deployment strategy, here are three reasons why you should consider Google Cloud Platform for your business. www.visualpath.in


1. Flexibility: Google Cloud Platform offers a wide range of services that can be tailored to the specific needs of your business. Google is known for its research projects that are internally tested and made available to its public cloud customers. Compute Engine: Google's IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) game lets you deploy your workload to virtual machines and fully control the evolution of your infrastructure as your business grows, paying only for the resources you using. www.visualpath.in


App Engine: Develop and run applications without the burden of installing and maintaining infrastructure requirements. This is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering that allows developers to focus on the code. Cloud Storage: Keep your user and user data available and protected with scalable storage services such as the Object Storage Service, fully managed MySQL and NoSQL databases. www.visualpath.in


Big Query: Here, you can leverage some of Google's internal analytics engines for large data to run interactive SQL-like asynchronous queries on your multi-To data on a scalable infrastructure without any installation or configuration load. Distributed DNS, DDOS attack protection, programatic translation, and machine learning services: Cover a wider audience and keep your business running with minimal disruption. www.visualpath.in


2. Powerful tools: The Google Cloud SDK is a comprehensive set of tools and libraries that facilitate the tedious tasks of creating and managing resources in cloud environments. Combined with the RESTful APIs provided by all of the cloud services listed above, the Software Development Kit (SDK) controls users to create the full development cycle of their cloud-based application, making development more agile and productive. In addition to the SDK, new features such as Push-to-Deploy and Google Cloud Deployment Manager, currently in preview mode, can help you get even more automated and optimized workflows to run your application or infrastructure. www.visualpath.in


Push-to-Deploy lets you deploy an application by transferring its source files from a Git repository to a remote repository hosted on the Google Cloud platform. The Google Cloud Deployment Manager provides a simple template structure for programmatically setting up complex virtual environments and deploying them with a single command so that it helps you to declare, deploy, and manage complex applications. www.visualpath.in


3. Simplified pricing: With regard to the financial considerations relating to cloud computing, the debate is heating up. The three cloud providers today (Amazon, Google, and Microsoft) apply slightly different pricing models and users should be careful to make a fair comparison, apple to apple. It's important to remember that the more you understand your business requirements, usage patterns and activity peaks, the greater the savings opportunities. And this is often not a trivial matter to estimate, especially with new companies or without appropriate measurement tools. www.visualpath.in


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