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Blood Sample Collection is 18 Steps Task


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CHECK LIST BLOOD SAMPLE COLLECTION Dr. Vishnu Kumar Associate Professor, Dept. Of Biochemistry, Coordinator HLS

BLOOD Sample collection Check list (Total 18 steps task) :

BLOOD Sample collection Check list (Total 18 steps task) 1. Did review/Check investigation ordered, fill investigation request form? 2. Did Greet, Identify & inform the patient? 3. Did Verify diet restriction? 4. Did Sanitize hand? 5. Did Prepare needle & put on gloves? 6. Did Position patient, Clean & air dry site? 7. Did apply tourniquet? 8. Did Patient clenching fist? 9. Did Insert needle? 10. Did remove tourniquet? 11. Did Patient without clenching fist?

BLOOD Sample collection check list contd.:

BLOOD Sample collection check list contd. 12. Did Establish blood flow? 13.Did Fill, remove needle & collect in different Vacuutainers? 14. Did Apply gauze at puncture site? 15. Did Destroyed needle with needle destroyer? 16. Did Remove Gloves? 17.Did Dispose of used material, BWMS? 18. Did Transport specimen to the lab in sample boxes?


Summary Proper identification of the specimen must be maintained. Every sample must be adequately labeled which should include patient´s name, location, ID no., date & time of collection in legible handwriting. Label should be placed on the tube or cup and not on the cap. All samples should be treated as if they are potentially dangerous.


Maximum benefit from minimum tests. Prepare for sample collection according to patient´s requirement. Different sample containers have specific uses . Ensure proper sample identification after collection.

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