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System controller : 

System controller

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INDEX 1. Introduction 2. Problem Definition 3. Hardware & Software Requirement 4. Details 5. Database 6. Flow Diagram 7. Limitation 8. Conclusion 9. References

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INTRODUCTION Every computer system needs controller to control the system. Windows have control over the entire computer system .Lots of settings are provided by windows to control the way to use windows by users . Our project is about to provide facility to change those settings with more reliability and more efficiently .In our project we have added additional facilities that works more efficiently than windows utilities.

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PROBLEM DEFINITION Windows provides many utilities but those are not combined in a single tool manager . Following are the problems which user faces while working in windows: All tools can not be accessed from one place. User can not skip specific files while copying. Settings are hidden and no search option for settings. No option for saving settings in file. No reliable security provided for exe files Etc.

Hardware & Software Requirement : 

Hardware :- P-II 128 Ram 40 GB Keyboard Mouse Software Software: Hardware & Software Requirement MSDN LIBRARY MS-Office MS-Visual Studio 6.0 Oracle 8i

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FRONTEND: VISUAL BASIC: VISUAL BASIC is the super set of BASIC LANGUAGE. BASIC is windows,it provides graphical user interface (GUI). Since it is GUI application build in VB are more attractive.VB was launched in 1997 in which local database and remote data base connectivity is possible. VISUAL BASIC is the fastest and easiest way to create applications for Microsoft windows programming VISUAL BASIC provides with a complete set of tools to simplify rapid application development. “VISUAL” part return to the method to create the graphical user interface(GUI). Instead of writing various lines of code for creating the appearance and location, we can directly place the object an the screen and set its different properties such as shape, colour etc.“BASIC” part refers to the BASIC ( Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) language VISUAL BASIC has evolved from the original BASIC language and now contains several hundred statements, functions and keyboards, may of which relate directly to the windows GUI. Any beginner can create the application by just learning a few of the keywords


DATABASE BACKEND: ORACLE Oracle is a database management system; it is based on the concept of relational database management system where we can generate or create a relationship within tables as well as we can apply the set of rules to avoid data duplication also restrict invalid entry of data. For maintaining the data in organized format oracle provides two types of facilities ·        SQL (Structured Query Language) ·        PL/SQL (Programming block of SQL statement) With the help of structured query language we can design a database as well as we can work with the data.

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REQUIREMENTS MSDN LIBRARY MS-Office MS-Visual Studio 6.0 Oracle 8i

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LIMITATIONS 1) Due to security requirements Local user can not use all utilities and modify system settings. 2) Security can not be provided for all exe files

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CONCLUSION We conclude that windows operating system will be more secure through settings and will be more efficient because of several tools provided by this software package .

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REFRENCE: Sites: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.htm 2) Books: Visual Basic (Black Book) by Steven Holzner 2) Visual Basic by Perry

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