11 cool hairstyles to try with your Hair Extension


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11 cool hairstyles to try with your Hair Extension :

11 cool hairstyles to try with your Hair Extension Ok , so you’ve finally got that hair extension. And yes, they’re super fun. You are now looking for some great hair hairstyles to pull off that killer look.


After all, the right hair extension with the correct hair-do can be a seriously hot combination (in fact, without the latter, it’s possible to end up looking ridiculous or cheesy). Worry not - we’ve got a bunch of ideas you’ll love. So here we go: Bounce & Bang Dry your hair and bangs like you normally do. Clip on a Clip-in Extension from ear to ear and twist your hair into bouncy curls to blend them. Finally, plug on a quirky hair accessory for a dose of glam. Long Side Pony This one’s easy. Re-do the previous one (Bouncy with Bangs). Then, pull it all to one side and fasten with a hair-tie. Voila, your long side-ponytail is ready to win hearts.


Bun on the side You probably know how to create a side bun already, which makes this one super simple. First, arrange your hair into a side ponytail. Second, wrap the ponytail around its base to make a bun (securing it with bobby pins). Lastly, clip a ‘faux’ bun extension on top of your natural hair bun – and your sweet side bun is ready. Fat pony The ‘high volume’ ponytail isn’t difficult to pull off, either. Brush your bangs, make a partition down the middle and spray mildly with a strong-hold hairspray. Backcomb the crown of your head with a round-brush for ‘Lift & Volume’. Pull the natural hair towards the back of your head into a bun. Release a couple of face-framing pieces and curl them with a small- barreled iron. To complete the effect, clip a curly ponytail piece right on top of the bun.


High Pony Spray the top of your hair with water and comb in a strong-hold gel. Create a high ponytail with the hair. Clip a ‘faux’ ponytail piece right on top of the bun. And you’re done. The best part about this one is that you can pull it off even if you haven’t washed your hair. Are you smiling already? Tousled & Long Curl your natural hair up with a small barrel iron. Brush the curls to create wave-y flows and apply a flexible-hold hairspray. Now, clip-in sections of wavy extensions like this : Begin below the ear and work your way up to just below the crown of your heat. Finally, ‘convert’ the synthetic waves into natural ones with a few quick bouts of finger-combing. Romantic Curls This begins where the Tousled & Long (T&L : check previous) look ends. Just pull your ‘T&L’- ed hair to one side and create a messy bun by binding it all up with an elastic. The dash of romance comes the moment you plug in a beautiful flower.


Long side-braid Hair extensions are available in different sizes, which makes it easy to create a great side braid easily. All you have to do is use a good curler and your dramatic curls are ready to be flaunted. This particular style looks especially gorgeous with colour highlights. Finally, should you feel the need for it, wear on a headband to keep the bangs off your face. Half bun, half down Spice up your look with this creative idea. First, you create a bun the usual way - brushing the hair to remove tangles & knots, gathering it into a ponytail and twisting and wrapping it all up into a bun. Then, leave the rest of the hair down for a quirky 50-50 effect that pulls 100% of the eyeballs your way.


Updo All you need is middle-length hair to create an Updo , which is a classic and safe option for formal occasions. Use a flexible-hold spray to lightly spray your hair. Make a soft-side parting and gather your hair at back. Then, twist it around the nape and swirl it up - tucking in the ends. Your Updo can be elegant, braided, ‘messy’ or twisted-low – in other words, any way you like it. Wavy Your hair extension can get you really long hair PLU great hair volume, both of which are important if you want a sexy, celebrity-style Wavy do. Flat iron, Twists, Curling Iron or Barrel curler – take your pick to create the impact you want.

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