Get easy financial access to fund your higher studies

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Education Loans can be paid back in flexible and gradual payments so you can plan your finances well in advance.


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Get easy financial access to fund your higher studies Education is not just important for the betterment of an individual but also for the socio-economic progress of any nation. The strength of any country is recognized by how well-versed and educated the citizens are, especially the youth. Today, due to the growing competition it has become imperative to attain higher studies to achieve success, lead a better lifestyle and contribute to society through knowledge and wisdom. However, higher education prices are skyrocketing high and it’s beyond the financial reach of middle and upper-middle-class people.


You need lakhs of rupees to fund higher education such as management studies, master's, engineering, architecture, medical science, aviation courses, etc. Graduate, as well as postgraduate study programs, can be financed with  Educational Loans . The student is considered as the primary borrower, while his or her parents, siblings or spouse are treated as co-applicants of the loan . To cater to the skyrocketing costs for these courses, educational loans are offered by leading banks and financial companies across India. These loans are offered at lucrative interest rate deals compared to the traditional finance or pawnbrokers who would otherwise dupe you with exorbitant interest rates and unwanted charges. Secondly, whether you would borrow a small or big amount you would have to pledge for collateral in the form of jewellery, property or policy papers.


Thanks to reputed private lenders who have come to rescue millions of students in the form of an unsecured educational loan up to Rs 50 lakhs. Yes! You heard it correct. If you have exceptional talent and secure admission in top-notch universities/institutes in India or abroad with high placement records, you don't have to pledge for any form of collaterals to avail loan up to Rs 50 lakhs. All you have to do is prove your talent and they are willing to fund your dreams ! When you opt for an  Educational Loans for Studying Abroad  they come up with customized loan solutions such as pre-admission loan, pre-visa Disbursement loan, score based products, 100% funding for meritorious students, wider course and country coverage, bridge up loan, etc. With right documentation, good entrance records, and academic history you can get the loan sanctioned in one day as well. Overseas study loan is the best financial resource that can easily be availed from top private lenders with attractive interest rates of around 11-15% and mere processing fee of around 1-2% on the amount. The borrower not just gets to enjoy a lower rate of interest compared to conventional loans, but also flexible repayment modes and loan tenure of around 7-9 years.


Since these  Educational Loans  are offered to students you don’t have to start repaying them immediately. Instead, you can study and then start repaying the money after six months to one year of the course completion. It is termed as moratorium period. Private lenders stress upon making the entire process of the overseas study loan application to documentation and disbursements after the approval so simple and hassle-free that you won't even sense slightest of the worries which normally feels like a roller coaster ride while government banks and traditional financiers.  Conducting a little bit of research online and comparing lenders would help you choose the best educational loan deal. The time you prepare for the entrance can be used to compare quotes of reputed loan lenders from private and public sectors.


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