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Auxilo helps you understand your student loan eligibility in a matter of seconds! Use the calculator as a guide before applying to help you find the amount you are eligible for and other common requirements, as per your eligibility.


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How to improve the eligibility for your student loan? :

How to improve the eligibility for your student loan? With the rising cost of higher education every year, it has become quite tough for students to choose their dream career in India or abroad. Students, whose parental income is not so sound enough, especially the middle and upper-middle-class segment are facing the challenge to fund studies. Many banks and non-banking financial organization have come to rescue these ambitious students by offering study loan solutions. Students will excellent academic records are offered full funding by some of the reputed private players to study in renowned institutes in India or abroad.

So, here's a basis student loan eligibility criteria::

So, here's a basis student loan eligibility criteria: A candidate who is applying for study loan should be a citizen of India He or she should have a confirmed admission in a recognized educational institutes/university whether in India or abroad The age of the candidate should be between 1 to 35 years during the loan application While applying for a student loan, they should've done their higher secondary schooling The college or university which they apply for should be affiliated by UGC/AICTE/AIBM/ IMCR /Government, etc. Course Approved polytechnic institutions Students pursuing full-time courses need to have a co-applicant to the borrower the loan. Co-applicant's can either be parents/guardian, spouse, in-laws (if married)


Student loan eligibility calculator can be of great help to get approximate loan amount you can borrow from lenders based on age, and co-applicants financial stability. You will get a clear idea on what is the eligibility criteria required for quick and easy loan approval.

Some ways to improve your student loan eligibility :

Some ways to improve your student loan eligibility • Scoring good grades and ranking higher in the entrance exams • Maintaining a good academic record • Securing admission in prestigious college/university worldwide • Have a strong financial background of parents, co-borrowers or guardians • Opt for a dream course that will have good future employment or income generation • Country & existing currency rate


Student loan eligibility helps you to identify the shortfalls in funding the higher studies as well as figure out ways in advance to mitigate these financial problems. A good academic score, credit score of parents/co-borrowers and collaterals such as insurance policy, investment or plot land will increase the chance of choosing the higher loan limits.

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