Proposed Budget Reductions for FY’11

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Weymouth School Admin Proposed Budget Reductions for FY’11


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Proposed Budget Reductions for FY’11 : 

Proposed Budget Reductions for FY’11 May 3, 2010

Guiding Principles : 

Guiding Principles Protection of core academics where possible Equitable distribution of remaining resources Planning reductions that will allow for recovery when restoration is possible

Budget Reduction Process : 

Budget Reduction Process Administrative Team: Discussion and input School Committee: Individual and collective discussion and input Public: Input considered from two meetings

Challenges : 

Challenges Program Integrity Time on learning Curriculum requirements Contractual obligations Scheduling configurations Professional development requirements Operational limitations Transportation – routing Food services – number of lunches Safety and building maintenance Special education services Teacher licensure and highly qualified regulation

Expense ReductionsTotaling $1,644,092 : 

Expense ReductionsTotaling $1,644,092 Elimination of all budgetary support for athletics Elimination of all budgetary support for extra curricular activities Elimination of all funding for textbooks, equipment, assessments, professional development Reduction in maintenance/custodial accounts including utilities School supply lines reduced by an average of 15%

Previous Cuts : 

Previous Cuts 2008-2009 7.0 Administrative Staff 43.5 Professional Staff 34.4 Support Staff 2009-2010 8.8 Professional Staff 5.0 Support Staff Total number of positions lost in two years: 93.7* *Five special education paraprofessional positions were added in 09-10 to meet IEP requirements

Multiple Considerations : 

Multiple Considerations Straight Reductions: Impact – Increase in class size, middle school configuration makes reductions difficult because of uneven grade split. Reconfiguration: Close Adams with grade 5 to primary schools and Chapman all 6-8 students Impact – High primary class sizes and high total population at Chapman

Multiple Considerations : 

Multiple Considerations Reconfiguration: Close two primary and move students to Adams Impact – Facilities issues, can’t easily revert back if financial situation changes; loss of two neighborhood schools Reconfiguration: Close one or two primaries Impact – Significant redistricting; high class sizes; can’t easily revert back if financial situation changes; loss of one or two neighborhood schools

Primary Proposal : 

Primary Proposal 16 primary classroom teachers eliminated 3 specialists eliminated class sizes in grades 1-4 will be at 27-30 No redistricting required

Middle Level Proposal : 

Middle Level Proposal Reconfiguration: House all grade 5 and 6 students at Adams and house all grade 7 & 8 students at Chapman. Impact Approximately 1000 students housed at each building Future ability to return to traditional middle school configuration No redistricting required at the primary schools

Middle Level Impact : 

Middle Level Impact 9 Middle classroom teachers eliminated 8.5 Middle level specialists eliminated 1 Housemaster eliminated 1 Nurse eliminated Course Impact: Eliminate World Cultures and IMEC Class sizes: 30 – 32 students

High School Proposal : 

High School Proposal Reconfiguration: Close Alternative High School and move to WHS Impact Reduction in number of at-risk students serviced Loss of alternative environment for students needing a small, structured setting

High School Impact : 

High School Impact 14 Teaching positions eliminated 1 Dean position eliminated 1 Director position eliminated 5 Support positions eliminated Program Impact: Combine Alternative/ACT program Course Impact: Eliminate German, Latin, & American Sign Language Class Sizes 30 - 35

District Positions : 

District Positions 3 Custodians 3 Watchmen 5 Special Education Professional Staff Reconfigure Decisions program 2 Teachers eliminated/2 Tutors added .5 Director eliminated/1 Special Education teacher added

Summary : 

Summary Eliminated Positions 3.0 Administrative Staff 58.9 Professional Staff 9.0 Support Staff

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