Different methods of network connections and their advantages

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Different methods of network connections and their advantages and disadvantages:

Different methods of network connections and their advantages and disadvantages

Wired connection- advantages:

Wired connection- advantages As wired networks connect by physically plugging in a cable from one device to another, it is harder to access them without authorization. This makes it harder for hackers to be able to hack the network as would need the network password first before they are able to access the network Wired networks are also more reliable as they bring with them a constant download and upload speed so this means that it is not unaffected by the environment around it

Wired connection- disadvantages:

Wired connection- disadvantages Wired technology is not portable. The units have to be physically plugged into power outlets and network ports in order to be able to function Wired-technology products such as desktop computers, tend to take up more space than equivalent wireless options. Wires, cables and multiple components require more desktop space than their wireless counterparts

Wireless network- advantages:

Wireless network- advantages A wireless network can connection at any location within the range of a network, so therefore can staff and equipment Workspaces can be rearranged without the need to physically change networks Wireless networks are portable and they can be accessed anywhere

Wireless network- disadvantages:

Wireless network- disadvantages Wireless networks are generally slower than wired networks They are less secure than wired. Both bandwidth and information can sometimes be accessed Upgrading to a wireless network can be difficult and expensive

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