Is Content Marketing Better for SEO Than Link Building


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Delhi and National Capital Region have fast developed into a commercial hub. The NCR region comprise of Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Meerut and Noida.


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Delhi and National Capital Region have fast developed into a commercial hub. The NCR region comprise of Gurgaon , Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Meerut and Noida . Among these; Gurgaon region has seen a very rapid change in its landscape and market scenario. Many multinationals have made it their home base as a part of their expansion plan in India.

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With the start up culture booming in India, it has also brought many promising start ups in Gurgaon who have to match the might of these multinationals. The best way to take them on is to have a well planned marketing strategy along with the product quality. As the start ups have low budget of marketing, digital marketing and SEO forms a very convenient and pocket friendly option to them to stay competitive. If you are looking to increase the visibility of your website through SEO then companies that offer the SEO services in gurgaon offer highly competitive package based on your requirements.

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However the SEO has been continuously evolving with advances in the digital mode of marketing. Traditional SEO involves targeted keywords in combination with link building bringing the targeted audience to the client ’ s webpage. SEO revolves around the guidelines of the search engines and functions strictly as per the changes in the algorithms of the search engines. These are some of the facts that your should remember when making a choice between which seo service provider in delhi you wish to work with.

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SEO has two parts one is technical and another is non-technical. Content marketing has emerged as the crucial method of non-technical SEO surpassing the link building. Though it is a tough question to answer whether link building is better or content marketing, here are few points which show superiority of content marketing over link building for seo :

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Higher Search Engine Ranking - Search engines just love new and high quality informative content. Google catches the relevant content and takes it to higher ranking on search results. This in turn helps give your website a better visibility as compared to other businesses in your segment. Can target multiple keywords at a time- A good content offers an opportunity to target multiple keywords in a single content. In gurgaon agencies offering the seo services know how to use content to fine tune your webpage and help your business rank high. Link building alone do not offer this option.

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Can market in multichannel- Marketing of content is possible through multiple channels due to options to create variety of content right from the text articles, blogs, info-graphics, graphics, animation, and audio and video. A link gives an option of only single channel. Helps leave an impression on the audience- A well prepared content attracts the audiences towards it, which brings them back to your page and increases the loyalty. No such option is available with the simple links. Links provide only short term seo solution whereas content has long term impact on the audience.

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Gives more options to experiment with the marketing strategy- The SEO services company in Delhi are well equipped with varied marketing tools and their expert marketers know how to use them together for better results. Content offers these marketers wider option to mix and match different strategies to develop best possible plan to promote your business. Less depended on other pages to increase the reach- In traditional link building; if you have linked your page to some other page which is not doing well will have similar impact on your page visibility. This will in turn affect your business too. Content marketing is totally dependent on the quality of your content which is recognized by the search engines.

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Rise of Social Media- People like to share content and good content is always liked and shared by people which increases its reach many fold. Unlike a link which may lie undetected and without a click for long time, content has higher visibility. Social media helps spread the content to wider audience which the seo service providers offer in Delhi . Keeps you abreast with the evolving algorithms of Search Engines- Google constantly changes its algorithms and tries to make them smarter each day. Their preferences also vary from what they had few days back before the new changes that were introduced in them. Only link building cannot match the new requirements, where content scores high over them.

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