The Top 5 Social Media Advertising Platforms That Bring Results

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The Top 5 Social Media Advertising Platforms That Bring Results Viral Nation

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Facebook Ads Facebook is the largest social media network in the worldThe most popular way to convert Facebook users is by running an ad directly to a landing page with a compelling offer. Pricing on Facebook varies on the audience targeted and the budget you will set for your advertising campaign.

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Instagram Advertising Instagram is a very visual driven platform that consists of videos and images. The platform is very popular with a younger audience and tends to do well with female users.

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Twitter Ads Twitter campaigns include promoted accounts promoted tweets and promoted trends. When you create an ad campaign on Twitter always be sure to use a relevant compelling image that draws attention. Also you must be very targeted on what you choose to promote.

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LinkedIn Advertising A LinkedIn ad can be setup in 3 different methods. You can advertise by sponsoring your content sponsored in-mail and text ads. By targeting company size of company job titles location education and other factors.

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