5 Instagram Marketing Tips from An Instagram Marketing Agency

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5 Instagram Marketing Tips from An Instagram Marketing Agency:

5 Instagram Marketing Tips from An Instagram Marketing Agency

#1: Choose A Killer Profile Photo:

#1: Choose A Killer Profile Photo Your logo can be your profile picture, but a better idea is to boil down what you want the audience to feel about your brand. Having a quality photo that is in-focus and crisp is an absolute necessity.

#2: Write A Descriptive Bio:

#2: Write A Descriptive Bio Use this to your advantage! Write out three descriptions of your business using keywords and action verbs. Take the parts that are exceptional and meld them into one cohesive bio.

#3: Display Authenticity in Branding:

#3: Display Authenticity in Branding Huge exaggerations and stilted language will turn Instagram users off. Show the humans behind the brand. Vague references and abstract thoughts don’t come across as genuine

#4: Showcase Your Products:

#4: Showcase Your Products Use your brandIng message to methodically build recognition with your followers. Help them remember what you sell and what it does for them to address a problem or solve a pain point.

#5: Share Cohesive Messages:

#5: Share Cohesive Messages Try conveying as much of your message as possible through the photo you use. Choose the same filters on all of your posts for consistency. Keep your captions short, catchy, and positive.

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