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Optometrist Vipin Buckshey is covering the basics of eye problems which can effect your eye vision. Vipin Buckshey is providing iLasik surgeries at Visual Aids Centre with best results.


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I am very thankful to Visual Aids Centre and its owner Vipin Buckshey for the treatment.

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Basic Eye Problems Eye floaters Eye redness Watering eyes Dry Eye Syndrome Maintained by Visual Aids Centre Owner: Vipin Buckshey


Eye floaters Eye floaters are tiny specks or strings that float into your field of vision. Eye floaters can appear as black or gray dots, lines, cobwebs, or blobs . While they may be a nuisance , eye floaters should not cause you any pain or discomfort. Eye floaters commonly appear when you stare at a bright, plain surface, such as the sky, a reflective object, or blank paper. Eye floaters may be present in only one eye , or they may be in both. Maintained by Visual Aids Centre Owner: Vipin Buckshey


Eye redness Eye redness occurs when the vessels in your eye become swollen or irritated. Redness of the eye, also called bloodshot eyes, or pink eye can indicate the presence of several different health problems While some of these problems are benign, others are serious and require emergency medical attention. More serious causes of eye redness include infections Most cases of eye redness can be prevented by using proper hygiene and avoiding irritants that can cause redness Maintained by Visual Aids Centre Owner: Vipin Buckshey


Watering eyes Eyes lubrication is done by tears which keep your eyes lubricated and help to wash foreign objects and dust away. When you produce too many tears, they overwhelm your tear ducts , and you develop watery eyes. Glands under the skin of your upper eyelids produce a liquid containing water and salt. When you blink, it spreads and keeps your eyes moist. If your tears do not contain the right balance of water, salt, and oils, your eyes can become too dry. Blocked tear ducts, dust, wind, allergies, infection, and injury can also cause watery eyes . Maintained by Visual Aids Centre Owner: Vipin Buckshey


Dry Eye Syndrome In Dry eye syndrome , your eyes do not produce enough tears or you are unable to maintain a normal layer of tears to coat your eyes. In such result, your eyes cannot eliminate dust and other irritants, which can lead to stinging, burning, pain, and/or redness in your eyes. Reading extensively, working on the computer, or spending long hours in a dry environment may further aggravate your eyes if you have this condition. Dry eye syndrome is more common in people age 50 and older. The most common symptoms of dry eye syndrome are burning, pain, and redness in the eyes Maintained by Visual Aids Centre Owner: Vipin Buckshey

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