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LIST 10 Donation Software That Help Nonprofits

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How Can Donation Tools Benefit Your Organization  Fundraising  Event management  Customer Relationship Management  Data collection  Campaign analytics  Collecting detailed information about supporters  Pulling reports on specific aspects of your fundraising  Tracking metrics for individual fundraising campaigns  Keeping track of supporter engagement  Segmenting supporters into specific groups according to criteria  Accepting registrations for fundraising events  Sending donor communications including invitations and thank you emails

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How to Choose the Best Donation Software  A flexible platform that can grow with your organization  An affordable price for the value  A user-friendly dashboard  Good technical support  Integration with your nonprofit website  Integration with your nonprofit accounting software  Integration with social media platforms  A secure donation platform that protects donors and nonprofits

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Donorbox Donorbox is a powerful donation platform that uses state-of-the-art technology to help nonprofits maximize donations 1

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Features we love  The simple set up means that nonprofits can start boosting donations in 15 minutes.  Donorbox uses powerful security technology to keep nonprofits and donors safe. This includes fraud detection SSL/TLS encryption and tokenization of financial information.  Nonprofits can set up custom donation amounts and add a description to show how they’ll spend it. This helps donors see the impact of their giving.  Donation pages are mobile-friendly and are easy to customize to reflect branding. It’s simple for nonprofits to embed donation pages into their nonprofit website. They can also be set up as a popup widget.  Donors have full control over their recurring donations. They can sign in anytime to edit their recurring plan for example.  Donorbox integrates with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. This helps nonprofits easily analyze donor data and manage donor relationships.

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 0.8 and 0.30 per transaction for ACH bank payments capped at a maximum of 5 per transaction  2.9 and 0.30 per transaction for PayPal payments  2.9 and 0.30 per transaction for Stripe payments Pricing  The donor-friendly checkout process can encourage supporters to set up recurring donations.  Many small to medium nonprofits will be able to use the platform for free. For nonprofits who receive more than 1000 per month in donations the platform fee is low OUR VERDICT

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Qgiv can be a good all-around option for securing donations Qgiv 2

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Features we love  Nonprofits can customize donation pages in line with their branding.  Nonprofits can customize donation receipts to show the impact of donations. This can let people see the value of their contribution as soon as they’ve donated.  It’s easy to move to a different package as your organization grows and you want to access new features.  Donation pages are mobile-friendly. This is great for supporters who donate through their smartphone.

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 The Start version of the platform has no contracts or monthly fees but only has minimal features. Nonprofits pay a transaction fee of 3.95 and 0.30 on all donations received through the platform.  If nonprofits need more features there are packages with monthly or quarterly billing. These start from 10 per month and can reach 399 per month for advanced features.  Qgiv can be a good choice for growing nonprofits who want flexibility. If peer-to-peer fundraising is your future goal the Qgiv platform can be a good choice for this too. This platform has a higher processing fee than many of its competitors. OUR VERDICT Pricing

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NeonCRM offers cloud-based CRM software for nonprofits of all sizes 3 NeonCRM

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Features we love  Features include relationship tracking event registration volunteer management email marketing grant management and survey building tools.  NeonCRM can integrate with various tools including QuickBooks MailChimp and Constant Contact.  Some packages can support peer-to-peer fundraising.

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 There are package options to suit nonprofits of different sizes.  For small nonprofits who only need basic features pricing starts at 50 per month. This rises to 200 per month for larger nonprofits with a wider range of needs.  The NeonCRM software can offer an all- around CRM platform for nonprofits. It can handle many of the key features that organizations may need as they grow. OUR VERDICT Pricing

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f you’re looking to use crowdfunding tools Fundly can be an option Fundly 4

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Features we love  It’s easy to customize donation pages.  Nonprofits have the option to create a blog to support fundraising efforts. This can keep donors updated on fundraising progress.  Social sharing is simple. Fundly can be easily integrated into social media channels. This makes it quick and easy to promote campaigns. With Facebook integration donors can share campaigns with their friends to increase reach.

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 Nonprofits don’t need to pay upfront to use Fundly. A fee of 4.9 is deducted from all donations raised through the platform. On top of this there is a credit card processing fee of 2.9 and 0.30 per transaction.  Fundly can be a good choice for organizations who want to take advantage of crowdfunding. It’s easy to use the platform with no upfront costs and no timescale for raising funds OUR VERDICT Pricing

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Funraise was built by nonprofit professionals. It’s aimed at growing nonprofits who need flexible fundraising software Funraise 5

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Features we love  Funraise can handle high volumes of donations. There’s little chance that you’ll run into problems if your fundraising takes off.  Funraise’s range of tools can help nonprofits with a range of fundraising activities. This includes donation forms peer-to-peer fundraising text giving recurring giving and automated emails.

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 Unlike most donation tools Funraise doesn’t offer packages. Instead they provide custom quotes to reflect the specific needs of nonprofits.  Funraise can help nonprofits manage fundraising donor management and analysis. This can help nonprofits streamline their fundraising efforts. OUR VERDICT Pricing

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OneCause offers fundraising solutions in four areas OneCause 6

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Features we love  Nonprofits can customize their online giving pages.  Gamification tools can be added to donation pages to increase donor engagement.

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 The Text2Give Ⓡ plan comes in at 495 per year.  OneCause can be a unique choice for using mobile bidding and auctions to raise funds. The gamification tools can help to engage donors OUR VERDICT Pricing

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CauseVox can help nonprofits with online fundraising. This includes peer-to-peer fundraising and crowdfunding CauseVox 7

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Features we love  The online donation system is easy for donors to navigate.  Nonprofits can easily customize donation pages.

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 The Basic plan can suit organizations with small budgets and limited needs. There is no monthly fee attached to this plan. A fee of 5 is deducted from donations secured through the platform.  Causevox can be an effective platform for peer-to-peer fundraising and crowdfunding. The simple navigation process can encourage more donors to complete the donation process. OUR VERDICT Pricing

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Double the Donation can be a great choice for organizations who want to get involved in it Double the Donation 8

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Features we love  The widget allows donors to check if their employer is in the match gifting database. This lets them see if their donation will be eligible for matching.  It’s easy to integrate into your website and donation pages. This makes it obvious to supporters that their donations can be matched.

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 Double the Donation offers two pricing plans. The most affordable option is the Premium plan which costs 499 per year. This plan offers the integration benefits.  There is the option to try it on a risk-free basis for 14 days to see if it will benefit your nonprofit.  Double the Donation can be a smart choice for maximizing donations. OUR VERDICT Pricing

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Snowball Fundraising can be a good choice for nonprofits who only have a very small budget Snowball Fundraising 9

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Features we love  Donation pages are customizable and mobile-friendly.  Donors can give via text message.  Donors can give in two clicks. This can encourage more donors to complete the donation process.

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 The Essential plan is the least expensive option and has no upfront cost. A fee of 2.9 and 0.30 per transaction is deducted from donations.  The Premium plan includes text giving events and ticketing tools and fundraising thermometers. It costs 549 per year. A fee of 2.2 and 0.30 per transaction is deducted from donations.  The easy-to-use platform can encourage more potential donors to give. It offers a range of tools to increase donations and streamline fundraising efforts. OUR VERDICT Pricing

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Soapbox Engagement is for small nonprofits who use the Salesforce CRM program Soapbox Engagement 10

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Features we love  Salesforce saves the funds through the Donations app. Nonprofits can assign these funds to specific campaigns.  Event registrations taken through the Events app are saved to Salesforce.

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 Nonprofits can use Soapbox Engagement from 49 per month. This is for one app per month.  The Standard plan starts from 99 per month for one app.  The Soapbox Engagement apps can help nonprofits boost fundraising efforts and engage with donors. The flat fee per month and the lack of transaction fees below 10000 per month can be useful for budgeting. OUR VERDICT Pricing

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Over to You The right donation software can ramp up your fundraising efforts. It can also make it easier to manage relationships with donors. This is key for retaining more donors. At Donorbox we know how hard it is to find affordable donation tools that support your goals. That’s why we built an effective low- cost solution to handle your online donations and attract more recurring donors. For more tips on getting the most from your fundraising take a look at the resources on our nonprofit blog

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