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A yoga class portrayed as 'Hatha' include a lot of yoga poses and breathing procedures, rehearsed in Vinyasa flow or Ashtanga class. This is how the meaning of Hatha yoga is explained on our 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.


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Hatha Yoga What is Hatha Yoga Lord Shiva was the founder of Hatha Yoga which is the base of all Yoga style. The word Hatha can be translated in 2 ways: 1. Ha Sun / Tha Moon 2. Forceful or willpower Hatha yoga is also called the yoga of balance. Here we work on balancing on our 2 main nadis energie channels. The Ha Nadi represents our: Shiva masculin sun/ surya day hot/warm awaken light active symphathetic nervous system - fight or flight right side body The Tha Nadi: Shakti Shiva’s wife female moon/ chandra night cold sleeping dark inactive parasymphathetic nervous system - rest digest left side body When those 2 sides are completely balanced and in harmony we are in Shushumba. In Hatha yoga we want to find balance between flexibility and stability. In Hatha yoga we stay longer in the asanas/poses to focus on a proper alignment. With the help of a controlled slow and steady breath we hold the poses and the breath can help us come deeper into the asana/pose. This requires a lot of focus and strength and flexibility in the mind and body. This is where the second translation comes from forceful or willpower. We work on our willpower and force our mind and body to wrap us around concepts that we never have imagined. May 2020 200hrs teacher training/ living yoga school

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