Add a Distinct Look to Your Home with Dutch Doors

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Add a Distinct Look to Your Home with Dutch Doors Dutch Doors are a type of door that is essentially split in half and allows you to open the top section while keeping the bottom shut. Exterior Dutch Doors are excellent for keeping pets and kids indoors while allowing airflow through your home. Interior Dutch doors can be used for the same purpose allowing you to keep pets or children in their rooms using the bottom half while at the same time allowing visibility through the top half of the door. Dutch doors are an excellent feature to add to any home. They are often seen used as entrances into a kitchen from a back porch but can be used also as a main entrance to a home and can be combined with sidelights and transoms to make a grand entrance unit. Some manufactures also product double Dutch doors where you can have a left and right door either with a split astragal that is attached the door’s edge or a removable center post that the doors lock into. Some of the nicest designs available are handcrafted from solid wood. For exterior it is recommended that your door be made from more durable and weather resistant wood species such as Mahogany Spanish Cedar or Vertical Grain Fir. White oak Red oak maple knotty pine and knotty alder are other choices if your door is in a more covered location. All woods can be used inside your home and it is simply a matter of preference. Exterior doors come with clear insulated glass and are fully weather-stripped and sealed like a normal one-piece entry door. A beautiful new Dutch Door custom made to your specifications and built in the size you need may be just the thing you need to add enjoyment and value your home. Take time and do your research. Find a manufacturer that will work directly with you and build your new Dutch door exactly the way you dream.

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