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A PRESENTATION ON MOTOR BASICS Submitted by:- Vinod deswal :

A PRESENTATION ON MOTOR BASICS Submitted by:- Vinod deswal

Types of electrical motors :

Types of electrical motors 1] A.C. motors 2] D.C.motors

Types of A.C. motors:

Types of A.C. motors 1] synchronous motors. a) plain synchronous. b) auto synchronous 2] asynchronous motors a) induction motors b) commutator motors Induction motors and commutator motors are subdivided as 1phase&3 phase motors.

Three phase motors.:

Three phase motors. Types of 3 phase induction motors. a) squirrel cage induction motors. b) slippering induction motors. Types of 3phase commutator motors. a) schrage motor.

Single phase induction motors.:

Single phase induction motors. Types of single phase induction motors. a) shaded pole motor. b) capacitor motor. Capacitor start motor. Capacitor run motor. Capacitor start and run motor.

Single phase commutator motor:

Single phase commutator motor Types of single phase commutator motor . 1] a.c.series motor. {universal motor} 2] repulsion motor.

Three phase induction motor:

Three phase induction motor How a induction motor rotates? Principle of electromagnetism can explain How a rotating magnetic field is created in Induction motor. First we will study how the coils are arranged in stator of induction motor.

Motor is star connected:

Motor is star connected Phase a Phase b Phase c

Coil A1=anti clockwise. coil A2=clockwise:

Coil A1=anti clockwise. coil A2=clockwise

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