CALENDAR 2011 -Tan Mao lunar calendar - Tibet landscape


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Lunar Calendar 2011 : 

Lunar Calendar 2011 Calendar 2011 LỊCH 2011 TÂN MÃO - PHONG CẢNH TÂY TẠNG TIBET landscape Click

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TIBET- The road of Mt EVEREST-Sunset in the Gara valley

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TIBET - Potala temple

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TIBET- Sakya to Xegar-Xegar Monastery

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TIBET- Barley Fields at the end of the harvest season.

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TIBET - Tingri to Nyalam

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TIBET-Agricultural Fields and Village Tibet

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Tibet - Yumbulagang monastery, Yarlung valley

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TIBET- Kailash Mt - Hymalaya

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, TIBET - Lhasa to Gyantse

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TIBET-Lhasa to Gyantse - Gonggar- Even a barren landscape can be suitable for farming.

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TIBET - Green and yellow landscape outside of Gyantse

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Tibet - Lhamo Latso ( Oracle lake )- Ho Tien Tri

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