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VCS VCS NH – 75 Streets Satna State of MP 485001 91 896 2673 494 ph 91 896 2673 494 fax yakconsultancyservices Marginal Optimum Utilization of essence. Marginal Optimum Utilization of Essence VCS is an independent professional services platform. Our strategic plan is to introduce and implement solutions to our client’s challenges. We design an approach to meet customer end goal and design an approach to achieve the desired solution. Our team approach applies the founding principal values known as ACDR to each project.  Agreement Terms - mutual understanding of the challenges tasks and deliverable.  Commitment - as per all necessary resources to resolve the defined challenges.  Dedication - placing 100+ effort until the challenge is met or exceeded.  Results - matrix indicators to show resolution and strategic map to address future challenges.

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Co n su l ta n cy Co n su l ta n cy Global Finance IT SUPPORT SOLUTIONS Financial Technology at work for you C O N NE C TI N G Y O U R B U SI NE SS TO T HE TE C H N OL O GY R ES O U R CES Y O U NE E D SERVICES SPECIALTIES CENTRALIZED AUDITING SOLUTION VCS DEBT RECOVERY AND CRISIS MANAGEMENT VCS BUSINESS PROJECT SHOP VCS VENTURE CAPITAL Research VCSSTARTUPS VCS LEARNING CENTER CAS CORE AUDITING SERVICES Project Writing VCS GLOBAL Standards Certifications and Audits FINANCIAL DOCTORY PROFESSIONAL STUDY FOR …. ICAI ICSI ICWAI CIMA IMA CFA CPA DISA ISO-A IPA CTP CFP III JAIIB CAIIB CISI MBA Finance PH.D Finance IAI AAA ACCA AFP AICPA AIMR ALFPA ASWA CIMA CMA Canada FEI ICAEW ICWAI IIA NABA Other. Flexible solutions for Your business needs TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING PROVIDES A TOTAL END TO END SOLUTION. FINANCIAL DOCTORY Financial Doctorey is a word using by us for financial treatments to the sick units. Financial Doctorey is ethically a step forward towards financial treatments. In Global scenario it take a booming expansion to overcome the crises. You are requested to collect all details of the patient concern and with consultancy fee and financial prescriptions. Please Fill the Prescribe Form. For enquiry Kindly Make A Communication to or of : or make a operator assistance here in belowwhich will be available in near future. APPLICATION MANAGEMENT FINANCIAL ENGINEERING Financial Engineering is a word using by us for financial Construction to the planned units. Financial Engineering is ethically a step forward towards financial Construction And financial projections. in Global scenario it takes a booming expansion to overcome the crises for GDP Of the Country. You are requested to collect all details of the planned Concern and with consultancy fee. Please Fill the Prescribe Form. For enquiry Kindly Make A Communication to or or CUSTOM SOLUTIONS Analysis Audit Report Analysis Ratio Analysis of Balance-sheet Trading and PL A/C Analysis Cash Flow Analysis Fund Flow Analysis Annual Report Analysis WEB SOLUTIONS 1. Concurrent Audit 2. Revenue Audit 3. Quality control Audit 4. Social Audit 5. Cost Audit 6. Tax Audit 7. Stock Audit 8. Propriety Audit 9. Environment Audit 10. ISO Audit 11. Efficiency Audit 12. Secretarial Audit 13. Statutory Audit 14. Management Audit 15. HR audit 16. Compliance Audit 17. Product Audit 18. Process Audit 19. System Audit 20. Joint Audit 21. Audit Of Aviation Affairs EBUSINESS SOLUTIONS VCS has Developed its Mobile Software Today at 11:30am. down lode it by flash code.

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IT SUPPORT SOLUTIONS Financial Technology at work for you C O N NE C TI N G Y O U R B U SI NE SS TO T HE TE C H N OL O GY R ES O U R CES Y O U NE ED Under Drafting Recommendation 2012-13 Kidney Production Brain Research Centralized Legal Services Centralized Auditing Solutions Pricing Regulatory Authority Of India UIIAIFRFTL Social Audit Bill Social Security Code Shares In Corporate World For BPLs Abolition Social-Political business Honor Killing Abolition Of Begging Abolition Of Inter Social Ethical Evils. Publicly Honor Killing. UID With DNA Data. Human Organ Bank- Hy-Bio-Mat-secured. . Int.Gov PROVISIONS ARE UNDER DRAFTING ON VCSSGOC AWARDS VCSSGOC Best Entrepreneurship Award VCSSGOC Best Resources Creator Award VCSSGOC Member Of the Year Award VCSSGOC Member Of the Period Award VCSSGOC Best Practice Award VCSSGOC Financial Doctor Of the Year VCSSGOC Financial Engineer Of the Year VCSSGOC Best Article Author VCSSGOC Research Paper Award VCSSGOC Best Financial Advisor VCSSGOC Best Tax Advisor VCSSGOC Project Writing Award VCSSGOC Winner over Debt Crises Award VCSSGOC Best Investment Advisor VCSSGOC Best learner Award VCSSGOC CSR Award Apex Award VCSSGOC Anti Money Laundering Detector Award VCSSGOC Accounting Financial Application Award VCSSGOC B-Opportunity Award VCSSGOC Capital Securities Market Reformer Global Award VCSSGOC Global B-Strategy Award VCSSGOC Surveyor Award VCSSGOC Global Actuarial Appliances Creator Award VCSSGOC ACA/FCA Excellence Award VCSSGOC ACS/FCS Excellence Award VCSSGOC ACMA/FCMA Excellence Award Are under provision and preservation of concerning authority. Flexible solutions for Your business needs TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING PROVIDES A TOTAL END TO END SOLUTION. APPLICATION MANAGEMENT Breathing of CEO of VCS is going on towards its vision and will in good faith for KFA and Indian Aviation. He also said that at the starting point/level he is preparing himself for global enterprising skill and HRM skills. He thanked to all well withers and parents especially god who is continuously delivering ideas on his mind. He also said that as aviation industry is included in infrastructure sector thus IBRD IMF and WTO clauses are also applicable. And UIIAIFRFTL project has also discussed for Project Rating with Fritch Ratings. As we have no time also corporate WC def. Entity have not more time to involve in procedural delay but both of us must conclude this project before 15 Sep so that both can face the queries of investors and lenders including Hon. High Court regarding all 7 petitions of creditors out of the 3 for winding up. It is being observed that our UIIAIFRFTL PIL provides KFA temporary Injunction and doctrine of Res Judicata with Doctrine of Lis Pendency in favor of KFA excluding UB group but corporate relationship positive effect will be observed after filing UIIAIFRFTL PIL before the Honorable Said Court. He also said those Central governments have power to appoint a participating director for maximum of 3 years. He also preyed to chairmans desk in this regard to provide sufficient resources for 5 year backup working capital subscription clause for the project and expansion of business policy for guaranteed returns to lenders and investors. CUSTOM SOLUTIONS E-News Letter Code Of Conduct Directors Profile Prospectus CORPORATE GOVERNANCE WEB SOLUTIONS We are working on Corporate Social Responsibility and social audit research. send us query feedback and suggestions . E BUSINESS SOLUTIONS And VCSSGOC LEARNING Welcome to VCS Learning Center Moving to the cloud is easy Let us guide you through your first days with VCS Learning Center and beyond.

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