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DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL ENGLISH PROJECT WORK TOPIC:-SAVE MOTER EARTH Submitted To:- Submitted By:- J.K. Sharma Sir Harshit Agrawal (English Teacher) Class:- IX - B

Save mother Earth:

Save mother Earth

The Major Causes Are:-:

The Major Causes Are:- Pollution. Deforestation. Global Warming.


Pollution Water Pollution. Air Pollution. Land Pollution.

Pollution And Solution:

Pollution And Solution Air Pollution And Solutions. Water Pollution And Solutions. Land Pollution And Solutions.

Water Pollution:

Water Pollution Organic Pollution. Agricultural Pollution. Runoff, Toxic Waste. Thermal Pollution. Eutrophication.. Undue enrichment of lake, river etc. with nutrients, resulting in growth of organisms & depletion of oxygen level in water.

More is water pollution more is pressure on the environment.:

More is water pollution more is pressure on the environment. Waste that come from the sewage plant encourage the growth of algae. Overgrowth of algae water soon becomes algae ridden & oxygen become depleted.


Consequences Harms our health. Destroy the ecosystem. Endanger the livelihood of the fishermen. Affects the tourism.

Solutions of water pollution:

Solutions of water pollution Legislation- Water Pollution Control Regulations. The livestock waste control scheme. Construction-Of sewage collection system & sewage treatment work. Monitoring- Monitoring station close supervision.

Our Duties:

Our Duties Lesser the use of water. Use less cleaners when washing. Never throw rubbish into the sea & river.

Land pollution:

Land pollution Reasons:- Litter. Illegal dumping of domestic waste. Agricultural activities. Industry development. Construction waste.


Consequences Disturb the living of the habitants. Harm the human health. Bring adverse effects to tourism.


Solutions- Recycling. Landfills. Education to public. For A Citizen- Reuse scrap paper & plastic bag. Use Recycled material.


Consequences Low level of visibility. Acid rain. Smog. Green house effect, Global warming. Respiratory sickness.

Solutions Of Deforestation:

Solutions Of Deforestation Reforestation. Legislation. Wildlife Sanctuary. Initiative to corporation. Commercial forest corporation. Water management.

Global Warming :

Global Warming Increase of the earth’s temperature by a few degrees resulting in an increase in the volume of water which contributes to a rise in sea level. Refers to the natural warming & cooling trends that the earth has experienced all through its history.

What Are The Possible Causes ?:

What Are The Possible Causes ? Pollution. Agriculture. Fossil Fuels. -Burning of coal. Transportation vehicles. Greenhouse gasses. -Water vapor. Natural greenhouse effect. Enhanced greenhouse effect.

Other Possible Causes:

Other Possible Causes Solar energy. Warming of the Earth’s core. CO2 levels increasing because warmer oceans release more CO2. In turn global warming could lead to global cooling.

What & Where are the sings?:

What & Where are the sings? Glaciers. Greenland. Rising Sea Level. Polar Bears.

Is there Cause for Concern?:

Is there Cause for Concern? Drought & wildlife. Intense rainstorms. Flooding of costal areas. Health effects. Hurricanes.

What We Can Do?:

What We Can Do? Drive effective vehicle. Drive less. Buy energy efficient appliances. Use compact florescent light bulbs (CFL). Weatherize your home. Choose renewable sources of energy. PLANT MORE AND MORE TREES

Energy Saving Habits:

Energy Saving Habits Unplug unused equipments. Turn off the lights. Set computers to sleep when not in use. Take control of temperature. Use appliances eficiently.

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