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What is Branding anyway ?:

What is Branding anyway ? “Branding has always been a critical subject, and has everything to do with instant recognition in a very instantaneous society. The ability to establish your name quickly and have your customer respond to that quickly is the name of the game.” —Mark Lacter , editor of LA Business Journal

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A brand is an end result. Branding is the process by which a brand comes to be. Branding is the creation and development of a personality—an identity— for a product or company With the wrong Brand identity, even a perfect product can fail to become a brand. With the proper identity, product can launch a brand and eventually become what every Branding practitioner hopes for—a household word.

Mascot behind branding:

Mascot behind branding SEE. THINK. FULFILL EXPECTATIONS In short, a brand is the mascot embodiment of all information connected to the product and creates an impact based on the expectation from the product and services.

Toon Branding:

Toon Branding A less expensive approach is to develop a character, animated, to sketch the brand’s image into customer’s mind Brand Characters that survive, flourish, change with the customers and their aspirations, retain their (simple) characterisation and still manage to exert a peculiar influence on the public.

Criteria :

Criteria Memorable Easily recognized Easily recalled Meaningful Descriptive Persuasive

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Likable Fun & Interesting Rich visual & verbal imagery Aesthetically pleasing Transferable Within & across product boundaries Across geographic boundaries & cultures

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Adaptable Flexible Updateable Protectable Legally – registered trade mark Competitively

Mascot as spokesperson:

Mascot as spokesperson In very mature markets, under incredible competitive pressures, where it is hard to tell one product or service from another, they enable you to differentiate. They give you a way to be unique in markets when it's hard to do it with features, benefits, service or price.

Mascot Branding will…:

Mascot Branding will… Create media exposure and excitement , Generate goodwill for the brand, Act as an ambassador for the brand by providing a voice for the company's social conscience, Provide a rallying icon for community identification Provide tie-in identification at point-of-sale (the mascot boldly featured on packaging, in-store merchandising, trucks and T-shirts), and sell products . The appeal is normally broad from children, to parents, to media

Source credibility and Attractiveness:

Source credibility and Attractiveness Brand mascot V/S Brand Mass Costs

Celebrity or Brand Mascot – Which is Better ?:

Celebrity or Brand Mascot – Which is Better ? The role that a mascot plays is more than that of a brand ambassador who just endorses the brand. He is the face of the brand and will come in the picture whenever there is a communication with the customer. “While all brand mascots are necessarily brand ambassadors, the converse doesn’t hold true.” - Amit Jatia , Joint Venture Partner and Managing Director - McDonald’s (Western India),

Utterly Butterly - Amul:

Utterly Butterly - Amul The butter, which had been launched in 1945, had a staid, boring image, primarily because the earlier advertising agency which was in charge of the account preferred to stick to routine, corporate ads. For 30 odd years the Utterly Butterly girl has managed to keep her fan following intact. So much so that the ads are now ready to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for being the longest running campaign ever. The ultimate compliment to the butter came when a British company launched butter and called it Utterly Butterly .

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“ These ads are not just a source of amusement. They make us aware of what is happening around .” “If a picture is worth a thousand words, the true character for your brand is worth millions”

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