Change the Way You Think About WATER!


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Learn more about the necessity of new water production technology, and why Atmospheric Water Generation can save you money while saving the planet!


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Changing the Way You Think About W A T E R

Bottled WaterDo we need it? : 

Bottled WaterDo we need it? Costs more than $1.50 per bottle 1,900 times the cost of tap water! The average US citizen spends $400 a year on bottled water

The Health Impact : 

The Health Impact Can be damaged by toxic chemicals like Bisphenol-A (BPA), leached from bottled water BPA intake can also cause Cancerous Cells in your body

Environmental Impact : 

Environmental Impact Tainted by: The Production Transportation Packaging And Disposal of plastic Water Bottles

Nearly 28,000,000,000 Plastic Bottles a year : 

Nearly 28,000,000,000 Plastic Bottles a year Of which: 17,000 barrels of oil was used to produce Enough to fuel 100,000 cars in a year An estimated 2,500,000 tons of carbon dioxide was used in the manufacturing of the plastic bottles

86% of All Plastic Bottles : 

86% of All Plastic Bottles End up as… GARBAGE!

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$100,000,000,000* One Hundred Billion Dollars Is spent every year by Consumers on Bottled Water An amount like this even makes the Federal Bailout look small *according to environmental think tank the Earth Policy Institute (EPI) AND

the next PURE Water Source : 

the next PURE Water Source Available in six different colors 28 Requires no set-up Just plug it in No plumbing It begins making up to 7 gal in 24 hours Uses, on average, .20 cents electricity per gal FROM

Applications : 

Applications Home Office Laboratories Sports Clubs Hotels Airport Lounges Commercial Stores To name a few Model 28 - weighs approximately 90 lbs 43” tall x 16” deep


THE TECHNOLOGY EcoloBlue™ is a state-of-the-art Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) that produces Purified Drinking Water from the humidity in the air.

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Process Overview : 

Process Overview EcoloBlue™ uses a multi-stage filtration free of chemicals, using “Reverse Osmosis” Plus “Ultra Violet” filters While the “Electrostatic Anti-bacteria & Anti-fungus” filter is cleaning the air in your home/office

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The Benefits : 

The Benefits Savings Health Environment Sustainability Self-Sufficiency Contact: Get Yours from the Source… The Next Pure Water Source $1,350 plus tax/shipping Continental US

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