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Welcome to "Villa caravans" - Australia. To buy a new caravan or to call caravan manufacturers for queries reach (03) 9303 9093 and buy a new cleap caravan.


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Camping Caravan - Villa Caravan :

Camping Caravan - Villa Caravan

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Villa Caravans is a trusted and well established family owned caravan dealer in the Melbourne area who also carries the prestigious Campaign Caravan line.

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Villa Caravans understands that every customer has a different need. They aim to build custom caravans that exceed all of the customers’ expectations. They pride themselves on being caravan dealers who create the best and most unique custom built products on the market while adhering to a high standard of quality.

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Villa Caravan currently has five different customizable models to chose from on their website. Klaudia , which has a reverse camera, roof air conditioner, solar power, LCD TV, stove, oven, microwave and much more.

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Villa Caravans has years of experience in caravan sales and has gained a deep understanding of what their customers want. They provide luxury and products that exceed the industry standards.

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To know more about Camping Caravan visit

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