Facial Fractures and Nasal Fractures


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Facial fractures are usually caused by vehicle accidents, sports injuries during sporting activities such as boxing, wrestling etc., or due to assaults, gunshots or stabbing. Thus, facial fractures as treated based on the intensity and abnormal functionalities. For more visit https://vikramenthospital.blogspot.com/2017/08/facial-fractures-and-nasal-fractures.html


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Facial Fractures and Nasal Fractures: Evolution and Management Face the most salient part of the body is the sole identity of a person. First impression is the best impression pertains to the physical appearance even before one’s attitude and facial contacts are the prime source of greetings between individuals. Moreover face mirrors the inner thoughts. One can see think hear smell and eat through eyes head ears nose and face is the platform for these parts. Serious complications attributing facial injuries are facial fractures. Facial fractures are usually caused by vehicle accidents sports injuries during sporting activities such as boxing wrestling etc. or due to assaults gunshots or stabbing. Whatever the cause may be evaluating the type and intensity of facial fractures and effective management through advanced medical procedures is highly recommended for better cure and to preserve your identity. It should be noted that displaced facial fractures hindering organ functions are the most serious concerns for surgeries. Though eye ear cheek bones are some of the other facial fractures we shall discuss on nasal fractures - diagnosis treatments and other nasal related surgeries such as sinus surgeries snoring surgeries cosmetic nose surgeries to alter the nose shape and advanced surgical methods such as laser surgeries for nose related complications.

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1. Symptoms of nose fractures include pain bruises swelling breathing anomalies nose bleeding or nasal septum called as septal hematoma broken bone in the nose usually referred as ethmoid bones are serious concerns. 2. Diagnosing through a CT scan are ideal methods for any facial fracture rather than X-Ray studies. 3. Cartilage injuries and changes in nose shape are of less concern as it gets resolved in course of time except for the change in shape for which remedies are recommended if patients are really concerned. Healing period is usually from one week to ten days. 4. Sinus - these are empty spaces that help the mucus drain down the nasal passage. Hindering this function results in sinusitis. Dysfunction may occur due to problematic tissues any abnormal bone growth blockage due to foreign objects or any polyp growth. Treatment involves removing the problematic tissues bones or polyps. Usually an endoscopic sinus surgery is done by inserting a tube through the nose and conducting the surgery. Some of the benefits include - avoids open incisions better clarity during procedures through endoscopy less pain swelling and discomfort. 5. Surgery for snoring has become common as in western countries. Snoring surgeries referred to as somnoplasty are recommended for sleep apnea conditions. Snoring occurs due to the vibration of uvula and soft palate during air passage from nose to the lungs. This is a heat procedure that reduces the stiffness of the uvula that hangs at rear of the mouth and soft palate that is present behind the ceiling of the mouth. 6. Nose surgery in India has become common at affordable cost. Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty are two common nose surgeries in India. Change of nose shape nose tip birth defects functional anomalies such as difficulty in breathing nose bleeding - all can be rectified through nose surgery in India. 7. Technology advancements paved way to laser nose surgery and nose shape surgery in India thus reducing pain discomfort swelling etc. though not all nasal problems are done with laser surgical methods. Usually cosmetic surgeons adopt laser surgery methods for nose shape surgery India usually referred to as nose jobs.

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Thus facial fractures as treated based on the intensity and abnormal functionalities. Bear in mind all surgeries result in complications post surgery. So next time when you complain nasal pain swelling or bleeding consult your doctor immediately as early detection always helps in successful cure and relief from pain.

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