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Definition :

Definition The determination of time that should be required to perform each operation and also the time that should be required to perform the entire series as routed is scheduling.

Factors Affecting Scheduling:

Factors Affecting Scheduling customer’ s Demand customer’ s delivery dates Stocks of goods already lying with the dealers and retailers Stock of finished goods with the firm Time interval to process finished goods from raw material. Availability of equipment and machinery : their capacity and specifications.

Factors Affecting Scheduling (continued):

Factors Affecting Scheduling (continued) Availability of materials: their quantity and specifications Availability of manpower: number, type and kind of skills. Availability of manufacturing facilities if required. Feasibility of economic production runs.

Scheduling procedure and Techniques :

Scheduling procedure and Techniques Master Schedule (It resembles central office which possesses information about all the orders in hand, It is a weekly break down of the production requirements.) The detailed schedule for each component and subassemblies so that all parts are available at the time of assembly. Number of techniques are used for scheduling purposes. (Gantt Chart)

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