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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Masonry Contractor Masonry is one of the oldest professions of the world. In the olden days masons were responsible for creating beautiful versatile and sturdy structures. Today masonry contractors can build a wide variety of structures such as brick walls chimney fireplace patio etc. Choose an Expert for a Successful Home Building Project Are you looking for someone who can help you beautify your home Today masonry contractors work with a wide range of materials such as bricks rocks clay concrete blocks terra cotta and tiles. But remember that every contractor does not have the adequate skill and experience for handling your

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home building project. If you do not choose a skilled and experienced contractor he/she can ruin your project and cause unnecessary financial burden. Talk to the Masonry Contractor "Asking the right questions take as much skill as giving the right answers." - Robert Half Do not hesitate in asking questions to the masonry contractor. It is essential to take some time in doing thorough research. If you ask the right questions you will be able to obtain relevant information from the contractor. It will help you in deciding whether he/she is the best professional for your home building project. Here are a few questions that you must ask to a masonry contractor before hiring him/her: 1. Are you a Licensed Contractor Masonry is a skilled profession. Machines are yet to replace the skill of a mason. So it is important to know whether the contractor has adequate skill and certification to accept the responsibility of a home building project. Do not forget to check his/her proof of insurance. 2. Are you experienced with working on a Specific Home Building Project If you want to use a specific material or have some special ideas inform the contractor about your requirements. If he/she has not undertaken similar home building projects in the past you must think twice before hiring him/her. Inform the masonry contractor about your expectations. Also do not forget to discuss the estimated time for completion of the project. 3. How should I prepare for the Home Building Project To ensure a successful home building project you will have to help the contractor. Ask him/her about your responsibilities. Usually a contractor expects you to remove furniture and other belongings from the project area. If you want to buy the materials yourself you must inform him/her so that it does not create any doubt in future. 4. Do you have references from Clients When it comes to hiring any contractor you must talk to previous clients. It will help you in knowing whether the contractor finishes his job on time. Ask the previous clients about their experience and level of satisfaction with the work. You can even ask the masonry contractor to provide you with addresses of his/her current sites. You can visit a couple of sites and examine the work.

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5. What is the Payment Schedule Money matters should be discussed before signing the contract. Ask the contractor for his/her payment schedule. If you need to pay half the amount upfront make preparations for it. Also do not forget to set a schedule for paying the remaining amount. Conclusion Once you have asked your queries to the masonry contractor you will get a clear picture of his/her work. If you are comfortable with his/her experience and skill sign the contract and get ready for a successful home building project. For more info - https://schlaefermasonry.com/

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