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We offers Gold Coast C-Bus Repairs, CBus home automation system & CBus technician,electrician,technical support,wireless control system with best cost. Connect Power & Cabling Richard Cooke Ph. 07 5564 0600 Fax. 07 5564 0680 Mobile. 0411 224 449 richard@connecting.com.au http://www.connecting.com.au/


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CCTV installations Gold Coast At Connect Power Cabling we do not just do electrical work or home automation. A large part of our work is also closed circuit TV systems CCTV. We are licensed security installers and advisers. We offer new and replacement installations repairs and upgrades. Along with this come our IT skills where these systems need setting up onto your network. CCTV has become a necessary item in many homes and business’s these days and modern technology has certainly improved the video and recording quality. Along with this it has given us additional features as being able to view these cameras on our smart phones and computer even when we may be on the other side of the world via the internet. I know I often use my “camera app” to check that my front driveway gate is closed so that I know my dog stays safe within the yard. Yes there are varied uses for your cameras and its not just all about security. One of the biggest changes to the CCTV industry in the last 10 years is the ability to record events from the cameras to a hard drive unit so you can go back and view footage plus the app based options as described above. The last few years in particular has seen continually improvement with camera technology with higher definition and quality images becoming available. Even as suppliers and installers we seem to be bombarded with new brands choices and promises of what they can do every month. If can be confusing for us let alone the home or business owner trying to make decision. You will hear acronyms like DVR NVRTVISDIIPHD and POE. Plus there are terms like megapixel analogue networkable high definition static IP digital video recorder network video recorder easy ip and hard drive – there can be alot to try to learn and take in. As with most things these days there are many choices of CCTV systems and their extra ability to record events to a hard drive. There are many ways to buy the equipment needed and along with this traps to go with this. From specialist CCTV shops to supermarkets retail electrical stores and online everyone seems to be selling security cameras or CCTV systems. The rule holds true that get what you pay for. Many cheap systems simply don’t perform nor have the backup support when something fails. We are happy to sit down with and look at what you need and recommend a cost effective quality product that has local supplier support and extended warranty. The leading brand we sell has a 3 year warranty and local support all over Australia. If you are in the market for CCTV please consider us here at Connect Power Cabling and benefit from our experience of nearly 30 years on the Gold Coast based on ethical personal service.

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Connect Power Cabling Richard Cooke Ph. 07 5564 0600 Fax. 07 5564 0680 Mobile. 0411 224 449 richardconnecting.com.au http://www.connecting.com.au/

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