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Toothpastes : 

1 Toothpastes

Product Features : 

2 Product Features Toothpaste is a low involvement product Grinds away the leftover food and plaque on your teeth, with the help of your toothbrush Abrasive paste The abrasive in toothpaste is called dicalcium phosphate dihydrate The other main part of toothpaste is the paste which is made up of water and things to help it spread through your mouth easily

The Toothpaste Market : 

3 The Toothpaste Market Industry size: Rs 25 billion Toothpaste can be considered as a solution to the need of oral care Types of toothpastes: Whites Gels Herbals Players: MNC dominated market (Colgate, HLL) Market growth: 7-8% CAGR Per capita consumption: 82 gms

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis : 

4 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Competition in the sector Dominated by large multinational companies such as CP, HLL A few Indian companies such as Dabur, Anchor and Babool Threat from substitute products Traditional products like twigs of the neem tree, salt, ash, and other herbal items Toothpowders with 23% market share can act as a threat to the toothpaste markets Threat of new entrants: Sector is not capital intensive Bargaining power of suppliers Most of the companies in the industry are integrated backwards Manufacturing is largely outsourced Bargaining power of customers Very low

Players : 

5 Players

Market Share : 

6 Market Share

Analyzing Market Opportunities : 

7 Analyzing Market Opportunities

Consumer Needs : 

8 Consumer Needs Clean teeth Prevention of tooth decay Fresh breath Prevention of plaque, tartar and other diseases

Customer Segments : 

9 Customer Segments

Competitors : 

10 Competitors MNC dominated markets Two largest players constituting 84% of the market share Brand-wise share: Colgate 51% HLL 33% Dabur 9%

Colgate : 

11 Colgate 51% market share Flagship brand is largest selling toothpaste brand

HLL : 

12 HLL India’s leading FMCG company Late entrant 33% market share Pepsodent 17.6% Closeup 15.3%

Dabur : 

13 Dabur Acquired Balsara Presence in all segments 30% share in toothpowders 9% share in toothpastes Babool 5% Promise + Meswak 4%

Developing Marketing Strategy : 

14 Developing Marketing Strategy

Positioning : 

15 Positioning Colgate Diversified portfolio Market leader Quality products, catering to all needs of customers Colgate gel positioned as lifestyle product Colgate Total for tartar control Cibaca Top for low income groups HLL Closeup: Targeted towards youth. Fresh breath, confidence inducing Pepsodent: Providing extended protection from germs and tooth decay Dabur Herbal oral care for all segments

Product-Service Innovations : 

16 Product-Service Innovations Colgate Continuous line extention and upgradation Increased R&D spending 40% sales (2004) came from new product launches Variants like Colgate Total, Fresh Energy Gel, Colgate Herbal to fill all gaps HLL 3-way convergence of product availability, brand communication and brand experience Creating new touch points Using the HLL distribution network Aggressively entering the out-of-home consumption category Dabur New campaign (Subah babool ki to din tumhara) New packaging

Delivering Marketing Programs : 

17 Delivering Marketing Programs

Promotional Strategies : 

18 Promotional Strategies Low involvement products Mostly habitual purchases, low brand loyalty Differentiation through marketing communications required

Colgate : 

19 Colgate Freebies galore One of the first to introduce BOGOF ‘Below-the-line’ promotion strategy Large discounts on offer (upto 25%) Coverage by higher realizations Sustained promotional offers possible because of high manufacturer margins 30-35% price hike during 2000-03 on almost all brands Ad-spend/Sales ratio 18.2% (2001) ® 19.9% (2002) Operating profit margins 8.2% ® 9.2%

HLL (Closeup and Pepsodent) : 

20 HLL (Closeup and Pepsodent) Rural:Urban mix = 30:70 Target is to achieve a 50:50 mix Removing weak brands and strengthening strong brands Aim, green variant of Closeup, Closeup oxyfresh withdrawn from the market Strong brands like Pepsodent Germicheck flanked by brands like 2-in-1 and Pepsodent G Looking at brand extentions with a ‘whitening’ proposition Free dental insurance (Rs 10,000) scheme launched in 2002 for Pepsodent

HLL : 

21 HLL Strategic advertising Tie-up with the movie ‘Kyon, Ho Gaya Na’ (2004) ‘Kya aap closeup karte hain’ jingle, designed by Lintas Pepsodent-Shaktiman contest (2005) ‘Dhishoom-dhishoom’ campaign for Pepsodent Market expansion by using the tagline ‘twice-a-day brushing’ for Pepsodent

Dabur : 

22 Dabur New packaging with logo and celebrity endorsement Harping on natural strength of teeth by strengthening the roots ‘Live life big bite’ campaign Media spend: Rs 5 crore in 2005-06

Gearing Up for the Future : 

23 Gearing Up for the Future Huge opportunities because of low per-capita consumption Reaching rural consumers key to growth Consumer education also necessary to increase toothpaste use

Gearing Up for the Future (Cont.) : 

24 Gearing Up for the Future (Cont.) Colgate Competencies in analysis, microbiology, packaging and consumer research Target Faster project implementation Better supply chain management HLL Segmentation of general trade Self-service stores and supermarkets Project Shakti Dabur Plans to restructure its sales and distribution structure in line with the recommendations of Accenture Increase direct coverage to gap outlets and gap towns where Dabur is not present

Launching P&G’s Crest in India : 

25 Launching P&G’s Crest in India History First-ever toothpaste to use clinically proven fluoride to prevent tooth decay Endorsed by the American Dental Association Current status Colgate knocked Crest off its throne as the No. 1 toothpaste in 1997 with the launch of Colgate Total In late 2000, after five years of research and development Crest Whitestrips was introduced Rationale for entering the Indian market Penetration of modern oral care products and average per capita consumption of toothpaste very low Industry sources expect penetration of oral care products to increase around 65-70% from current levels of around 49% in the next three to four years time

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