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Shampoos : 

1 Shampoos

Shampoo Market in India0 : 

2 Shampoo Market in India0 Hair Care – Fastest growing segment Shampoos: High priority segment for FMCGs Market size: Rs 850 cr. (value) or 30,000 tn. (volume) Low penetration (Urban – 36% ; Rural – 12%)

Awareness, Attitude and Usage : 

3 Awareness, Attitude and Usage

Awareness, Attitude and Usage : 

4 Awareness, Attitude and Usage Traditional mindset–oil and shikakai for hair care Shampoos came as cleansing agent, but habit did not go Termed as cosmetics and beauty products Three major barriers to shampoo use: Shampoo contain harsh chemicals High price Shampoo – glamour product rather than hygiene product But off late, heavy advertising ® greater penetration Shampoos – no longer seen as products for occasions

Types of Shampoos in India : 

5 Types of Shampoos in India

Major Players : 

6 Major Players Dominated by handful Market leader: HLL (68% by value ; 65% by volume) Key Brands: HLL – Sunsilk, Clinic Plus, Clinic All Clear P&G – Pantene, Head and Shoulders Cavin Kare – Chik, Nyle Other players: Colgate Pamolive, Godrej, etc.

Slow Growth Rates : 

7 Slow Growth Rates Growth interrupted in 2003 Three major barriers to shampoo use: Shampoo contain harsh chemicals High price Shampoo – glamour product rather than hygiene product Marketers, however, feel price to be the key barrier Tried low SKU packs Result – not much growth

Innovations in SKUs : 

8 Innovations in SKUs CavinKare’s initiative: Chik shampoo sachet for 50p Chik 50 ml bottle for Rs. 6 HLL’s response: Lux shampoo sachet for 50p Clinic Plus 30 ml bubble pack for Rs 8 (provided re-usability option)

Innovations in Features : 

9 Innovations in Features Marketers tried adding value making shampoo to give functional rather than a glamour touch Anti-dandruff shampoo – the first attempt Variants – for dry, oily and normal hair Head & Shoulders Menthol, Pantene Lively Clean, etc. Godrej’s colourgloss shampoos, JnJ’s medicated shampoos, etc.

Herbal Opportunity : 

10 Herbal Opportunity Barrier to shampoo usage – reluctance to apply chemicals on hair Rapidly growing herbal shampoos market Early entrants – Ayur (RDM Traders Pvt. Ltd.) Nyle (Cavin Kare Limited) Nyle Herbal – among top 5 brands in the country Even Sunsilk has come up with ‘fruitamins’ Key barriers: Price Require more concentration of herbal claimed to use amla, nuts, shikhakai, neem, etc.

Factors : 

11 Factors

Consumer Behaviour Patterns : 

12 Consumer Behaviour Patterns Annual Income vs Size of Shampoo Bottle People who have annual income less than Rs 2 lakh prefer to buy sachet People earning more than Rs 2 lakh prefer to buy bottle People who are earning more have tendency to buy larger size bottle. Sex vs Usage Attributes Male: Anti dandruff, conditioning and removing stickiness Female: Conditioning, shining hair and removing stickiness Retail Outlet vs Kind of Shampoo Absolutely no association Most of the shampoos are purchased from departmental stores

Consumer Behaviour Patterns : 

13 Consumer Behaviour Patterns

Generic Marketing Strategies : 

14 Generic Marketing Strategies Product and price High number of variants Brands present in multiple segments and price bands SKU: Sachet Promotion Television advertisement Sales promotion - free samples Place Intensive distribution strategy

HLL : 

15 HLL

HLL: Strategies : 

16 HLL: Strategies Product Variants are harmonized in terms of the product mix - fragrance, colour and ingredients: Sunsilk Naturals Highest number of variants Promotion Innovative promotion channel: Sunsilk gang of girls Brand experience in form of therapy centres: Lever Ayush Place Intensive distribution network

Proctor & Gamble : 

17 Proctor & Gamble

Proctor & Gamble: Strategies : 

18 Proctor & Gamble: Strategies Product Late entrant in this business, products mainly aimed against HLL markets High number of variants Promotion The multiple brands with different positioning, both in premium and mass market segment Place Intensive distribution network

CavinKare : 

19 CavinKare

CavinKare: Strategies : 

20 CavinKare: Strategies Product Products aimed for mass markets in both cosmetic and herbal category Chik: second largest selling shampoo in India in this category Promotion Innovative marketing strategy: Introduced 50p trial sachet Place Initially targeted local South Indian market: Now Pan Indian Focus on marketing and distribution

Dabur : 

21 Dabur

Dabur: Strategies : 

22 Dabur: Strategies Product Multiple products with the same set of positioning Region specific variants for Vatika shampoo (for South India) Promotion Local touch to appeal masses Branding (Anmol) Promotion (website in Hindi) Market Expansion Vision 2010 – domestic and international expansion plan

Future Trends : 

23 Future Trends Renewed emphasis on product development and the increasing sophistication of marketing and merchandizing strategies Continued customization of children’s hair products Increased focus on products with natural ingredients Growing demand from the low and lower-middle-income households Slow growth within dominant products Rising purchasing power to boost sales in rural India Urban India spearheads demand for value-added products

Future Trends : 

24 Future Trends Growing focus on the “Masstige" positioning Kiranas will remain the central point Department stores, in-shop counters and specialist stores to cater to the elite Indians will continue to be highly price sensitive With still low per capita consumption, India will still offer huge potential Marketing will continue to play a key role in attracting new consumers Battling the unorganized channel through packaging innovation and also legislation

Thank You : 

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