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Breastfeeding is a precious moment comes in every mother's life. It nourishes both mother and her baby. Along with benefits, there are some myths also which are associated with breastfeeding.


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Breastfeeding Myths, Facts & Benefits # WorldBreastFeedingWeek 1-7 August, 2016


“Breastfeeding: A Key to Sustainable Development”


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Breastfeeding Feeding of an infant or young child with breast milk directly from breasts is called breastfeeding Is the optimal source of nutrition


Statistics Globally , only 38% of infants are exclusively breastfed Suboptimal breastfeeding contributes to 8,00,000 infant deaths

Milk Ejection- Basics :

Milk Ejection- Basics


Myths & Facts


#1 Myth: Nursing ‘rest’ to your breast can ensure more milk Fact: More resting your breasts can help you to make more milk for your baby .


#2 Myth: Not every woman can produce milk   Fact: It’s not true! In fact, 99% of the women are able to produce milk. The mother produces more milk when the baby takes more.


#3 Myth: Breastfeeding changes the size and shape of the breast   Fact: It’s not true. In fact, the doctors say this is just an old wives’ tale! Pregnancy may do some mild alterations to the look of your breasts; breastfeeding doesn’t do anything beyond that!


#4 Myth: Never wake a sleeping baby for breastfeeding Fact: Not true! necessary to feed on schedule to maintain a good supply !  


#5 Myth: Breastfeeding prevents pregnancy Fact: It’s actually not clear! Several families have children who are born 10 months apart. On the other hand, experts believe that it is a form of birth control. However, as soon as your menstrual cycle is back, you can conceive again !


Benefits Of Breastfeeding To Baby


Babies who are fed nothing but breast milk from birth through their first 6 months of life get the best start Exclusive breastfeeding provides babies : the perfect nutrition Protection from respiratory infections, diarrheal disease, and other life-threatening ailments Protection against obesity and non-communicable disease


Benefits Of Breastfeeding To Mother


Promotes mother and child bonding Prevents uterine bleeding in the mother after delivery The natural form of Family Planning Reduces the risks of breast and ovarian cancer in the mother It helps a mother return to pre-pregnancy weight

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