6 Aspects to Consider While Choosing SIEM Solutions

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Security threats can be external or internal. However lot of companies focus more on external threats and think little of the threats that can come from within. Internal security threats are as important as the external ones and they can even cause more serious damages. Therefore it is important tto monitor all user activity in your company. 1. USER ACTIVITY MONITORING

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Real time monitoring and alerting will help your security team to quickly swing into action and stop any type of security threat minor or major before it causes any damage or disruption to your system. With this feature it will be impossible for any threat to stay undetected in your system. 2. REAL TIME MONITORING ALERTING

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If your organization is a large one you need a SIEM that has larger space than the one for a smaller organization. Also in other to do proper analyses more data may need to be stored long-term which further buttresses the point that you need a SIEM with enough space for long-term storage. 3. LONG TERM EVENT STORAGE

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In order to make sure every area is covered in your bid to quickly discover security threats ensure your SIEM can process Windows Linux databases Mac applications equipment or applications. Every source within your organization’ s environment must be covered. 4. THREAT DETECTION ACROSS THE ENVIRONMENT

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You must choose a SIEM solution that functions at every stage of your organization’ s growth. It must be effective in your organization’ s current and future states. As an organization expands more data is produced therefore it is important that your SIEM solution licenses on a more predictable measurement so as to avoid huge licensing fees. 5. SCALABILITY

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An organization’ s security team must provide reports to auditors and executives regularly. Reporting is difficult because most organizations need to comply with multiple regulations. Your SIEM solution must be able to deliver relevant reports to you and your team. 6. REPORTING

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ABOUT US Vijilan is an information security monitoring company that protects networks through continuous monitoring. Our continuous monitoring includes threat detection and response services in near real time. We deliver the technologies processes and people as a monitoring service primarily through Managed Service Providers MSPs. These security monitoring services meet the needs of small and midsized businesses as well as distributed networks of larger enterprises. Vijilan collects billions of events daily through its agentless log management solution from thousands of devices and hundreds of distinct networks globally. Vijilans Incidents ResponseTeam responds to thousands of security incidents through its own US-based Security Operations Center SOC.

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