Electrohydraulic Brake


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Electrohydraulic Brake:

Electrohydraulic Brake

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Plan of presentation Introduction Electrohydraulic Brake System Features Advantages Application Reference


introduction Electrohydraulic brake systems are the combination of electronics and hydraulics to create a more versatile brake system. The electronics provide control flexibility, while the hydraulics supply the power.

Electrohydraulic Brake System:

Electrohydraulic Brake System

Electrohydraulic Brake System (cont.):

Electrohydraulic Brake System (cont.) Ability for designers to remove the brake valve and the hydraulic hoses from the operator station Provides primary and secondary braking to meet industry standards Pedal force feedback is proportional to pedal angle Programmable pressure vs. pedal angle functions Easy to add additional remote operator stations Automated braking can be programmed to occur based on inputs from other sensors or controllers Operator warning and vehicle stop light control Fault diagnostics for easy troubleshooting


Features Interlocking shoes clearance balancing device and shoe auto-aligning device (patented technology), constantly equalize the clearance of brake shoes on both sides and no need to adjust, thus completely avoid one side of brake Lining sticking to brake disc. Self-lubricating bearings are equipped at main hinge points, which bring high efficiency of transmission, long performance life and unnecessary to lubricate during the course of operation. The closing time is short (only 0.25-0.4s). Wear-self-compensation devices can realize self-compensation of shoes clearance . Torque adjustable built-in springs with torque scale and anti-wear linings. Brake linings are plug-in style, which are easy to replace. Brake linings of various materials such as power metallurgy and semimetals (non-asbestos), which are available for customers to choose. Equipped with our new thrusters: Swift reaction and having long life-span.


Advantages Manual release levers. Release limit switches which can indicate signals such as whether brake is properly released or provide interlocking protection. Lining wear limit switches can automatically indicate alarm signal or provide interlocking protection when wear of brake lining is reaching the limit.


Application Electro-hydraulic disc brakes are used well for decelerating and stop/braking large-scale modern machines such as loading and unloading machinery, lifting and transporting machinery, metallurgy equipment and mining equipment.


REFERENCE David F. Reuter, ”Delphi Corporation” ,Dayton Technical Center , M/C C-86 Joseph A. Elliott, ”Delphi Corporation”, Brighton Technical Center , M/C 483-3DB-210

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