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Orbital Welding


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Orbital Welding Seminar on Submitted By:- Kundan Krishna Dept Of Mech. Engg . Regd No:-0901221200 1

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Plan Of Presentation Introduction Reasons for Using Orbital Welding Equipment WELDING BASICS AND SET-UP Welding Process Welding Equipment Advantage Applications for Orbital Welding 2 2 2


Introduction Orbital welding is Automatic Tungsten inert gas welding. It eliminates chances of manual errors in welding. It produces identical welds for hundred of times hence accuracy in welding. 3

Reasons for Using Orbital Welding Equipment:

Reasons for Using Orbital Welding Equipment Productivity Quality Consistency Skill level Versatility 4


WELDING BASICS AND SET-UP The Physics of the GTAW Process Material Weldability Weld Joint Fit-Up Shield Gas ( es ) Tungsten Electrode Electrode Materials Safety Electrode Materials Electrode Tip Geometry Electrode Tip Diameter 5

Welding Process:

Welding Process Welding Equipment welding helmet welding torches welding cables welding gloves welding mask orbital weldhead cont. 6

Welding Process:

Welding Process 7


Advantage Reduced heat input to the workpiece Improved weld depth-to-width ratio. Increased weld speed 8

Applications for Orbital Welding:

Applications for Orbital Welding Aerospace Boiler tube Food, dairy and beverage industries Nuclear piping Semiconductor industry Tube/pipe fittings, valves, and regu-lators 9


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