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Stores Are There To Help The Women In Need Every one in the world is aware that the Palestinian Islamist Group in the Gaza district is very strict regarding clothing. They have ordered the owner of the lingerie shops to remove the mannequins that display women wearing scanty cloths. Hamas is the main Palestinian Islamist group that controls all the operations in Gaza. It was this group that banned the women clothing that was small in the district stating that it was to protect the morality of the public. This ruling or one can say law was passed just two weeks after they banned the women from smoking in the public. At the same time the force of police that is controlled by the Hamas has ordered the stores to stop immediately the women clothes that display the scantily mannequins as well as the posters. They have also stated that the posters that display women clothing like knickers, as well as bras should be removed as well. This in turn has made the normal public against the group and the ordinary people are complaining about the same. In the life of women there are many occasions where she wants to be formally dressed. But at the same time there are occasions where she wants to wear informal dress. The clothes women wear, all depends on the current fashion. There are many times in which the women clothes does not get the time to research and they rely on the good brands to buy women clothing. Also, there are many garments that they purchase without wearing it. But when they take it home they find that it is uncomfortable. In such a situation they have to get it changed. This is a problem that they face if the group forces the ban on the stores. There are many stores that are ready to stop the clothes women wear on the mannequins. Therefore they go out of their way to help the women if they face problems like this. Moreover when they want to buy the accessories for the women clothing the stores try to help them by giving them a wide range of different products in the same category. For example if a lady wants to buy a bag for herself then the store will try and give her all the choice that they have in the store. There are many brands that follow this particular style of working with their client and they are very successful.

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