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The CDN is a solution that improves website performance by bringing content closer to users. Let's look at how to use CDN to speed up Magento 2 and how CDN works on the Magento platform. Read More


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Best CDN Providers For Magento 2 Store ➔ The Content Delivery Network CDN is a solution that improves website performance by bringing content closer to users. This way it reduces stress on the site’s server and thereby reduces the bounce rate of the Magento store. ➔ The global server system also aids in up-surging the SEO rankings by increasing the page load speed of the e-commerce website. ➔ CDN is responsible for backing up the copy of the static content of the website such as CSS Javascript images font text and so on and then distributing it to the servers. ➔ A content delivery network CDN is an efficient way to speed up your Magento Store. Let’s look at how to use CDN to speed up Magento 2 and how CDN works on the Magento platform.

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Benefits of CDN: 1. CDN helps speed up Magento 2: A Content Delivery Network CDN is a useful tool for providing your audience a better shopping experience by increasing the Speed and Performance of your Magento Store. 2. Scalability Flexibility: After you install the CDN data transfer operations become more advanced which helps website owners reduce their external costs. 3. SEO Benefits • CDNs help to combat duplicate content issues by using caching algorithms and canonical headers. • This will help you with the search engine optimization of your store.

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4. Reduces Page Loading Time • The purpose of using a CDN is to reduce the distance between the user and the site’s resources. 5. Enhance content delivery • Compared to other origin servers CDN is better equipped to handle more input and to resist hardware failures. 6. Improve website security • The majority of CDNs come with built-in DDoS and malware protection. It can help protect your data and information by securing it with a TLS/SSL certification. 7. Reduce bandwidth costs • CDN can reduce the amount of data that the website has to provide by using caching and other optimizations resulting in lower costs for the website owner.

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How to configure CDN in Magento2 • Navigate to Stores Settings Configuration in your Admin Panel. • In the General tab select Web. Configure the Base URLs and Base URLs sections Secure. • In the Base URLs tab enter the CDN URLs for the Static and JavaScript User Media Files. • Fill in the Secure Base URL for Static View Files and Secure Base URL for User Media Files fields in the Base URLs Secure section with the same information. • Save changes. How can you choose the best CDN for Magento 2 You can choose a Magento CDN by reviewing CDN provider reviews visiting each CDN’s page and contacting their sales team. There are a few key factors to consider when selecting a CDN for Magento Store.

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1. Magento Support You might find that even the best CDN for Magento is not perfect for your eCommerce website. 2. Support for Images • Images help to improve your store’s appearance. • However image files lengthen the Magento store’s page loading time. In this case Magento Image CDN can aid in image file size compression without sacrificing image quality. 3. Support for Video Streaming • Video content can also contribute significantly to the speed of your website. • The best Magento video CDN will ensure that visitors have a positive visual experience and will keep them coming back for more of your video content.

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4. Safe Ecommerce Caching Options • Caching is critical for delivering a fast browsing experience. • It is essential that your Magento CDN supports minimal caching. • For security purposes you should avoid caching logged-in users particularly carts and checkouts. 5. Technical Support • Even the best Magento CDN is useless if it does not operate well with your Magento store. • Top Magento CDN providers typically offer some level of technical support either paid or free. • If you’re thinking about getting one for yourself consider the cost and availability of tech support.

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Best CDN Providers for Magento Platform There are many different types of CDNs out there and each has its own advantages. • Cloudflare • Google Cloud CDN • Amazon CloudFront • Sucuri • KeyCDN • Fastly

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To Sum Up: • CDNs play an important role in Magento Speed and Performance Optimization by reducing the load times of websites. • A CDN can aid in the faster indexing of your website in the search engine results pages. • It enhances your virtual presence. • CDN will assist in gaining greater brand recognition for your company. • CDN is a simple and low-cost technology to speed up Magento Store. • It will also assist you in improving the user experience and achieving higher SEO rankings. So what are you waiting for Choose the most compatible CDN for your Magento store and take advantage of its unique features. If you are not tech-savvy and are facing issues with your Magento store then you can take advantage of our Magento Experts’ services by opting for our Magento Services. For any queries you can reach us at

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