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Design Of Geometric Surveying System For Railway Track :

Design Of Geometric Surveying System For Railway Track Prepared by N.R.Vignesh , B.Gokula Krishnan, Project guide : P.Arul , Ms . R. Mahalakshmi , ME. S.Thilak .


Objective To design a system for monitoring the railway track using the frequency comparison technique ...

Block Diagram- Transmitter:

Block Diagram- Transmitter Phase lock loop Transmitter TX434 Encoder HT12E Square wave generator Micro controller 89c51 Antenna shunt crack Reference frequency

Block Diagram- Receiver:

Block Diagram- Receiver LCD Display Micro controller 89c51 Decoder HT12D Receiver RX434 Buzzer Antenna


Specifications RF Transmitter TX434 - Supply Voltage (5V) , operating at 434 MHz RF Receiver RX434 - Supply Voltage ( 5V), operating at 434 MHz HT12E ENCODER - Supply Voltage 5V (2.4 – 12V) HT12D DECODER - Supply Voltage 5V (2.4 – 12V) IC 555 - Supply Voltage + 5 Vdc to + 18 Vdc PLL - frequency range ( . 01Hz to 500kHz )

Design of Transmitter & Receiver:

Design of Transmitter & Receiver Here we are designed the transmitter and receiver part. U sing the RF transmitter the encoded signal is transmitted . Receiver received those transmitted signals and with the help of decoder the original signal gets retrieved .

Transmitter & Receiver Connection:

Transmitter & Receiver Connection





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