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Viezus Institute of Motor Industry Approved Master Car Tuning File Courses Take advantage of the various courses that the pioneers in car tuning Viezu Technical Academy VTA have to offer. They are in partnership with EVCs WinOLS AlienTech ECM Titanium Dimsport Race. United Kingdom -- -- Jan 16 2017 -- In this modern era development of the automobile sector is occurring at a rapid pace. While most of the factory-made vehicles are set-up to meet an average drivers expectations tuning has emerged to be a popular method to personalise the characteristics of the car so as to take its performance and appeal of exteriors to a new level. In United Kingdom an academy that leads the future of tuning remapping and EU programming is Viezu Technical Academy VTA. Viezu is a UK-based firm established in 2009 and features workshops and classroom training to various car tuning students from around the globe. In a recent seminar conducted by Viezu the CEO of the company stated "Anyone who is enthusiastic about tuning modifications remapping and programs can acquire in-depth knowledge through a wide range of courses that the Viezu Academy has to offer. Quality will never be a concern as the courses are in compliance with the Institute of Motor Industry IMI. This approval certifies the expertise of professional who will be there to help you at every step of the course" When asked about the distance learning program he said "To fulfil the rising demand of the courses we have made the sessions available throughout the year to support as many international delegates as we can. Each session is devoted to a particular program such as engine tuning tuning box or remapping software. The Distance Learning Program is just another step towards that where daily training sessions will be provided to the candidates according to their local time zone so that they can learn at their own convenience". Further he mentioned that "Our goal has remained to train the candidates with well-structured courses which help them in obtaining desired skills and competence required for conquering high quality projects. No matter what the skill sets tuners have when they join the course they are always going to make the most of the training and guidance that will be given to them during this period." The training calendar of VTA is packed with many events that take place every month with cooperation of its partners including EVCs WinOLS AlienTech ECM Titanium Dimsport Race Swiftec and CMD Map 3D. Page 1 of 2

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To help the students get a complete overview of the various courses VTA supports sample course ensuring businesses or professional are able to discover the appropriate options before participating in the real course. Viezu Technical Academy UK is the pioneer of car tuning and remapping since 2009. It is ISO 9001:2008 certified and accredited by British Standards Institute BSI. To know more about their training courses you can contact them at 01789 774444 or visit their official website Contact Information: Name: Paul Busby Company: Viezu Technologies Ltd Powered by TCPDF Page 2 of 2

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