Remap Your Car with the High-Tech Tuning Tools for Improved Performanc


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Remapping can help the vehicle owner to get the improved power, performance and fuel efficiency. Today, there are various tuning software available in the market for remapping the vehicle. You can use these tuning tools at home or can take your car to any nearest garage.


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1 Remap Your Car with the High-Tech Tuning Tools for Improved Performance The feeling of driving personal car to home from showroom cannot be explained in words but as the time passes you start getting bored from same type of acceleration and performance delivered by your beloved car. It is the time when you think to resale it and buy a new car for your drive but as it is your first ever car you are emotionally attached with it and therefore every time you drop the idea of selling it. On the other side depreciation in the working efficiency of machinery is a natural process and your car is not an exception to it and therefore one day unwillingly you have to either get your car scrapped or sale in market at the least price. If you are also going through the same phase then interestingly now days by getting the settings of your car tuned by an expert mechanic or tune it yourself with tools you can drive your car for long time with improved performance. This might surprise to you but yes today with help of car tuning you can boost the performance of your car according to your requirements. What is Car Tuning In simple words car tuning can be defined as the method of modifying the performance or appearance of your car by changing the company settings according to your preference. It would be interested to know that going through the vast technical developments across the world mechanism of car has undergone wide changes and

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2 today the settings of different components integrated in car are monitored with help of settings determined by the tuning software. Days have gone back when settings of these components was determined manually today going through the excessive use of computers these settings are determined digitally with help of the chip. This chip is inserted in the engine control unit of the car which is connected with the computer screen. During the process of tuning the existing settings of the engine are erased and new settings are determined that are helpful in enhancing the performance of whole car in terms of fuel efficiency power and torque generation and also its looks. An interesting feature of today’s car tuning process is that now days there are various modifiers which offer tune it yourself tuning tools that can be used by layman with little knowledge of computers for tuning the settings of his car. So now the question arises that what are those tools by which you dynamically change the performance of your car.

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3 1. Dynamometers: Dynamometer is regarded as the way to tune the settings of your car. An interesting feature of this tool is that it offers complete safety to both the engine and the person tuning the settings of an engine. While working on engine it controls the settings of engine up-to determined limits and any activity that crosses those limits results in aborting the process of tuning in safest way without affecting the overall performance of an engine. Moving ahead it also controls the chances of accidents which might take place due to tuning while driving on road. Moving ahead the dynamometer is capable of different loads at specified points according to the settings. 2. Wide Band Air Fuel Meter: Determining the smooth flow of fuel to engine in accordance to airflow is one of the critical jobs during the car tuning and to get this job in appropriate use of wide band air fuel meter play an important role in determining the flow of both fuel and air simultaneously. Today going through the increasing trend of tuning the settings of car plethora of wide band air fuel meters are offered by manufacturers at the price that best suits to your pocket. 3. Exhaust Gas Temperature EGT Meter: Despite of the most simplest and effective tools used for tuning the main objective of EGT meter is to review the status of different cylinders attached to the engine. The meter tracks the settings of defective valve springs leaking head gaskets and problematic injectors.

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4 4. Timing Light: Timing light can be regarded as one of the cost effective tools for tuning especially in the condition while you are determining the ECU settings for the first time. The main objective of this tool is monitor the ignition timing so that number displayed at the ignition table is similar to number of reading received by the engine. During the process an inductive clamp is fixed across the ignition lead producing the flash at the time of sparking. In simple words main objective of timing light is to monitor the timings of ignition at the time when the engine is switched on. 5. The Street and Track Tool: The main objective of street and track tool is to record the dynamic response of vehicle under the load while it is being driven on the road. Generally it is not possible to generate the road conditions at any place but with help of tool the natural road conditions are developed with help of dyno the settings are determined accordingly. During the process the dyno mainly determines the tuning and determining bragging specifications whereas the street and track tool tracks the fluctuations during the tuning. 6. Oscilloscope: While determining the tuning of ECU engine control unit there will be situations when you will notice variation in voltage in accordance to the engine timings. To determine these variations oscilloscope will record the timings and duration during which they occurred. The worth mentioning feature of oscilloscope is that it is one of an important tools which can only perform the specific job and no other tool can replace its relevance. In simple words it can be said that a person with little mechanical knowledge can use these tune it yourself tools and can enjoy flawless performance of his beloved car without any drawbacks.   XXXXX    Contact Us: Viezu Technologies Ltd. 31 Bidavon Industrial Estate Waterloo Road Bidford-on-Avon Alcester B50 4JN UK Phone: +44 1789 774444 E-Mail: Web:

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