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HÀ N?I By Night in 2009 HÀ N?I By Night in 2009 Click on the Mouse to advance the slides - Turn the volume on to Enjoy the Show

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TH? ÐÔ HÀ N?I V? ÐÊM 2009 HÀ N?I “Les Miserables” of Ho Chi Minh in the 21st Century HÀ N?I By Night in 2009 A Remake of the19th Century “Les Miserables” of Victor Hugo

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3 gi? khuya khi nh?ng xe ch? rác d? chuy?n cu?i cùng và .. du?c r?a s?ch b?ng giàn phun nu?c hi?n d?i thì   ..... By 3:00am when the sanitary vehicle pour down its last load… Washed by the modern water spray system, then…

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Hàng tram dân nghèo dang ch? khu X? Lý ph? th?i m? c?a Hundreds of poor people are waiting for the waste processing center to open its door

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và có qu?n lý ki?m tra xem có lao d?ng du?i 16 tu?i hay không Monitoring team is there to make sure no workers under 16 years old are to be allowed

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Khi c?a m? thì bà con tranh nhau phóng xe vào b?i rác  . . I’d better hurry up before people pick up all the treasures. When the door is opened people rush up to the rubbish pile…

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Hàng tram con ngu?i dang c?m c?i du?i ánh sáng d?c c?a tr?i khuya Hundreds of people are busy working under the obscure light of the late night

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H? ph?i r?i b?i tru?c 6 gi? sáng v?i nh?ng gì dã lu?m du?c ... It’s amazing, if not ridiculous, when I say that I am happy today, with the load I have picked up. How do people define Happiness anyway… I wonder! They have to leave the area before 6:00am with whatever they have collected…

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M?i dêm mò trong b?i hôi th?i h? ki?m du?c t? 30.000 d?n 80.000 d?ng. Trong khi dó các quan thi nhau an choi xã láng, m?i dêm xài hàng tri?u ti?n thu? c?a dân . Should I Say that I am rich today? Searching in this filty place, people earn from 30.000 to 80.000 dong, every night . Whereas the officials are competing one anotther on spending millions of tax money on their entertainments every night.

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I was right when I said that Vietnamese girls were beautiful! I agree with Minh Triet that Vietnamese Girls are hot commodities! Now, I know what people are looking for in VietNam.

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