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Viejas Arena Viejas Arena is a popular entertainment venue with a concert capacity of up to 12,845. The arena is located at San Diego State University, California. When purchasing tickets for events at the Viejas Arena ensure you’re purchasing directly through this website otherwise you may end up being charged service fees or shipping charges on your order.

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Viejas Arena Sdsu We know how important it is to be next to your friends at any concert event, so when you buy tickets through this website we’ll ensure all seats are side-by-side unless otherwise stated. If you want the best possible deal on your online ticket purchase for the Viejas Arena, make sure you make your purchase through this website where you also benefit from no service fees and free shipping!

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Viejas Arena San Diego The viejas Arena hosts some of the biggest sporting events San Diego State Aztecs men’s basketball and women’s basketball teams. The arena can seat over 12,000 people for Basketball events, and offers an incredible atmosphere for anyone attending a game. If you want to see any of the Aztecs basketball teams play, be the first to get your seats at the Viejas Arena, we offer the most affordable sports tickets on the web, we also offer E-tickets, these allow you to get your ticket online, hassle free instantly! Just click the banner below and grab yours today !

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Viejas Arena Sdsu The Viejas Arena can hold up to 12,845 people for any big music concert. The venue is a huge stadium like indoor arena. Please see the seating chart image below for an idea of a typical layout of an event. The layout of the arena may change and exact layout will be visible when purchasing your ticket for the event. The Viejas Arena is hugely popular and we always suggest to get your tickets as early as possible. The different colors on the above seating chart image represent the difference in price. With seats nearer the stage being higher priced than those further back.

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Viejas Arena For more information visit our website:

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