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poems about Christmas


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Poems about Christmas:

Poems about Christmas By Zadar eTwinners

Humility prayer:

11/24/2012 2 Humility prayer Lord, lead me in humbleness. Teach me not to judge, because in judgment in my heart limits your work. Let me find forgiveness through humbleness. As you lead in humility may mercy be companion, and grace my covering. Through humility, may love be seen in me. May I find god’s truth, Jesus Christ in humility. Lord, help me wear the cloak of humility. May it be my mantle. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Our Eucharist :

Our Eucharist Oh, You are God As You once claimed Along with Your Flesh and blood Christ Jesus named. You became a man Because You are Love Through bread and wine We share eternal trove. Oh Bread of Life May I receive You daily On Calvary at Holy Mass For You are Our God Our Eternal Eucharist And without Your Presence We are but a myth - – - written by Liam Ó Comáin 11/24/2012 3

God only knows :

God only knows God opens doors of opportunity that No one can close. Do not be upset When you encounter troubles, Good things will happen in our lives. Leave all deadly sins behind Including jealousy and hatred. Be faithful to Him and Do the righteous ways. Even though someone “Put your life in danger and in sorrows.” Be happy each day and Learn how to forgive. He knows our desires before We even know them. Learn how to appreciate His Almighty Blessings. Indeed, we will be able to thank Him With all our hearts and With all our souls as He works in a mysterious ways. Therefore, God only knows what No one can predict. Be thankful each day and Live happily. - – - written by Alon Calinao Dy 11/24/2012 4


Christmas! You may be alone in this world With no friends around you ‘Cause every word you say is true, Our Lord Jesus is with you. You may feel abandon by your loved ones Family, relatives, and friends. Put all your trust to our Lord Jesus, He will guide you throughout your sorrows. You may be judged by your enemies With their bitterness and tilted lies. Have faith in Jesus and be merciful, God Himself will reveal the truth for all. Even in your days of success, happiness, Anger, loneliness, frustration, weariness… Our Lord Jesus is with you always. He loves you as His precious ones. Somewhere down the endless line In which they called “Eternal Life,” Jesus will reward you in Heaven And no more sufferings and pain. - – - written by Alon Calinao Dy 11/24/2012 5

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