Vic Wadhwa - Young Citizen Award Winner (USA)

Category: Education

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Before becoming leading sales and management consultant, Vic Wadhwa achieved various other milestones. To name one of them, he was nominated for the New York Times Young Citizen Award in 1995. The award is given to New Jersey students who set an example in leadership and selfless service. Vic Wadhwa was involved in Peer Leadership and Key Club at Ferris High School. He received a Merit Certificate in grade 10 and was also selected for the American Legion’s Boys State. He was one of the three students selected from 30 students to be interviewed by the veterans of World War II. Vic Wadhwa was interested in science and had the desire to help others from the very beginning. He was caring and kind to all the patients while working at the Medical Center as a volunteer. Vic Wadhwa also gave tuitions to Elementary School students during his lunchtime. According to him, “In our society, there are more spectators than actual people who go out and do such deeds. I personally feel that there is a lack of love and care in our society today”. He was nominated for the New York Times Young Citizen Award for his selfless concern about the wellbeing of others. When Vic Wadhwa arrived in the USA, he left behind his parents to live with his uncle and aunt in America to achieve his dreams. When he left India, his words were “For me, my mom is the world and I cared a lot about her, now, and forever”.


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