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A Sneak Peek At The Skill Sets Of The Different Electricians :

A Sneak Peek At The Skill Sets Of The Different Electricians In a resurgent global economy, electricians are very much in demand. These skilled individuals however, are a dime a dozen, with different skill sets and specialisation. They are also sought-after in a wide array of projects, from residential to industrial and commercial environments. If you're planning to hire an electrician for your project, here's a sneak peek at the skill sets (and expected incomes) of the different types of electricians.   What Does An Electrician Do?   In general, a Victoria Park electrician installs, repairs and maintains a home or building's electrical systems. They also understand the various electrical code specifications, as well as the basic construction of a house or building.   These experts also install, repair and maintain equipment like fibre optic systems, circuit breaker panels and other electrical components. There's the increasing demand for Perth electricians in the renewable energy sector (such as in solar, wind and hydroelectric power).   Residential Electricians   Residential electrical services experts generally install, repair, upgrade and maintain the electrical equipment in homes and apartments. They likewise perform outdoor landscape lighting work.


To become a certified residential electrician, the individual needs to combine formal classroom instruction with an apprenticeship program, which often involves at least three or four years of supervised work under the watchful eyes of seasoned electricians based in Perth WA. They should successfully pass a state licensing examination as well, at the end of the apprenticeship period.   Commercial Electricians   Commercial electricians, or those who offer electrical services around Perth, often work in commercial buildings, construction sites and in mechanical or industrial electrical systems. They perform installation work on components like commercial security systems, electronic systems, water heaters and even air conditioning systems.   Apart from installing and upgrading complete electrical systems, they also do emergency electrical services work, to isolate certain technical problems that are often caused by faulty wiring. Before they become licensed, budding commercial electricians first, need to work under the supervision of a master electrician.   As compared to residential electrical work, the standards, and licensing requirements for commercial electrical work are quite rigorous, because commercial electrical systems can greatly affect the safety of the public.   Master Electricians   A master electrician is a very skilled individual, who usually works in a supervisory or managerial role, and often owns their own electrical contracting business. In general, such professionals possess at least seven years of experience, and even possess a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, before they can be certified as a master electrician.   Master electricians need to have advanced supervisory or managerial skills as well. Because if they own their own contracting business, they're going to handle a group of apprentices and even journeyman electricians, to work on their various residential or commercial projects.   On average, entry-level electricians earn around $46,000 a year, while journeyman electricians can earn as much as $52,000 annually. Master electricians on the other hand, can make as much as $60,000 to $80,000 per year, depending on the number of clients and the location of their projects.   Master Victoria Park Electrician s, as well as the journeyman types, can also work without supervision, and are guaranteed to provide better quality of work, as compared to apprentices or entry-level electricians. Browse the pages for more interesting information.

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