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Today, there are a lot of hotel Management Colleges in the world that represent their course system regarding with management and their faculty, but its actual benefits seem like to show off. If you are interested to go abroad study in hotel management than you may definitely join the hotel management college in Malaysia at Victoria International College. We also provide the best diploma and degree courses, like diploma in pharmacy, higher diploma in nursing, diploma in human resources management.


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Hotel Management College in Malaysia at Victoria international College Course Overview The Certificate in Hotel Catering Management CHCM course offered by Victoria International College focuses on processes and systems used in Hotel Management. This course has an important place among the students who wish to enter the rapidly changing Hotel Business environment. The course is designed to excel students in attitudes and skills and to equip them with the suitable knowledge to enable them to work in the field of Hotel Catering Management. VIC programs are designed for the whole development of students so that they can reach the parameters of success beyond their imaginations. The Hotel Management courses can help you to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the world of Hotel Catering Management. At VIC we have kept the size of classes small so that students could receive personal attention from every experienced faculty members. “A hotel is a temporary aquarium for people. That’s why I travel with a fishing pole and erectile dysfunction medicine.” Jarod Kintz A BHM Bachelor of Hotel Management degree can be ideal for those seeking advancement in their already established careers in hotel management. By obtaining a BHM students will be prepared for moving towards the higher levels of the industry in specialized areas such as business accounting food and beverage services accommodations marketing hospitality services and human resources among others. An important aspect of managing hotels is quality management and to learn about quality management you should study in hotel management certification courses. Quality is the top most priority of every

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company because people prefer quality over quantity. In the same way great preference is given to quality in managing a hotel. Consumers of hotel want to have quality food quality comfort quality rooms and quality service providers. They even do not want to compromise on the quality of the internet that the hotel is offering during the stay period. Reputation as a Global Center for Educational Excellence Victoria International College has been offering quality higher education courses for the past 35 years. With each year VICs passion for the pursuit of excellence has only been increasing. This is the diving factor behind the institutes success. Over the years VIC has managed to make a place for itself among the leading educational institutions. Getting your degree or certificate from a reputed institute has some added advantages. As the credibility of the institute is well established your knowledge and skills are not likely to be questioned. VIC being a well established college you are unlikely to face problems like inefficient communication system and the lack of facilities that are associated with newer institutes. Your experience at VIC is likely to a great learning right from the process of admission up to the time you pass out. Having a degree from a reputed institute like VIC can also improve your chance of getting good career opportunities. Having a head start in career can be a huge advantage. It can help you achieve your professional goals faster.

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A Vibrant Culturally Diverse Learning Environment Being a well established international institute VIC attracts students from across the globe. Our students come in touch with people for a wide variety of backgrounds. This leads to the creation of a vibrant learning environment having a mix of several races cultures religions languages and opinions. Students can get acquainted with foreign cultures learn new languages and make friends across the world. The exposure to such cultural diversity and global communication can be a significant advantage in your professional career. We also offered you the best diploma courses and bachelor degree program in different fields like bachelor of business administration bachelor of accounting bachelor of computer science in Malaysia. Course Details Year 1 Code Subject Credit Code Subject Credit CIHC 1113 English Proficiency 3 CIHC 1213 English For Communication 3 CIHC 1123 Introducing Microsoft Tools 3 CIHC 1223 Basic Food Safety and Hygiene 3 CIHC 1133 Principle of Management 3 CIHC 1234 Basic Culinary Skills 3 CIHC 1143 Arts Science of Culinary Studies 3 CIHC 1243 Restaurant Operation 3 CIHC 1153 Front Office Procedures 3 CIHC 1253 Housekeeping Operations 3 CIHC 1163 Introduction to Hotel Operations 3 CIHC1263 Food and Beverage Service Skills 3 Year 1 Code subject Credit MPW 1133 Pengajian Malaysia 3 MPW 1113 Bahasa Malaysia A 3 MPW 1143 MPW 1153 Pendidikan Islam atau Pendidikan Moral 3 Year 2 Code Subject Credit CIHC 2413 Business Communication 3 CIHC 2423 Principles of Marketing 3

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