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One of the best ways to prepare VMware 2V0-642 exam is with VMware Security+ 2V0-642 vce dumps questions answers with VMware Certified Professional Network Virtualization Exam practice test software. VceTests provides one of the best VMware Certified Professional Network Virtualization Exam dumps for VMware students. Prepare VMware Security+ exam from our 2V0-642 practice test and be certified.

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VMWARE 2V0-642 QUESTIONS ANSWERS Question No : 1 In a Cross-vCenter environment where is information about local logical switches and local logical routers maintained A. Platform Services Controller B. Local transport /one C. Local Controller Cluster D. Universal Controller Cluster Answer: D https://www.vcetests.com/2V0-642-vce.html

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VMWARE 2V0-642 QUESTIONS ANSWERS Question No : 2 What is the purpose of a DHCP Relay Agent in an NSX Edge configuration A. Configures virtual machine interfaces to which DHCP messages are relayed B. Configures Edge interfaces to which DHCP messages are relayed C. Configures Edge interfaces from winch DHCP messages are relayed D Configures virtual machine interfaces from which DHCP messages are relayed Answer: A https://www.vcetests.com/2V0-642-vce.html

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VMWARE 2V0-642 QUESTIONS ANSWERS Question No : 3 What vSphere Distributed Switch security policy allows virtual machines to send frames with a MAC Address that is different from the one specified in the vmx file A. Promiscuous Mode B. forced Transmits C. Mac Address Changes D. Failover detection Answer: D https://www.vcetests.com/2V0-642-vce.html

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VMWARE 2V0-642 QUESTIONS ANSWERS Question No : 4 What is a requirement of NSX Data Security A. The Global Flow Collection Status must be set to Enabled B. An IP Pool must be created C. Guest introspection must be installed on the cluster D. NSX manager must be configured for Active Directory integration. Answer: D https://www.vcetests.com/2V0-642-vce.html

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VMWARE 2V0-642 QUESTIONS ANSWERS Question No : 5 What are two things that should be done before upgrading from vCloud Networking and Security to NSX Choose two. A. Ensure that forward and reverse DNS is functional B. Power off vShield Manager C. Deploy NSX Manager virtual appliance D. Uninstall vShield Data Security Answer: AC https://www.vcetests.com/2V0-642-vce.html

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VMWARE 2V0-642 QUESTIONS ANSWERS Question No : 6 Where does an administrator configure logging for the NSX Manager A. In the vSphere Web Client B. In the NSX Manager GUI C. In the NSX Manager command line interface CLI D. In the vSphere Syslog Collector Answer: B https://www.vcetests.com/2V0-642-vce.html

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VMWARE 2V0-642 QUESTIONS ANSWERS Question No : 7 Which two additional configuration steps are required to allow the other virtual machines on the host to be selected Choose two. A. Virtual Mac tune Data Collection must be enabled on the other VMs. B. NSX Manager must be linked to Active Directory. C. Guest Introspection appliance must be deployed on the host. D. Guest Introspection driver must be installed. Answer: BC https://www.vcetests.com/2V0-642-vce.html

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VMWARE 2V0-642 QUESTIONS ANSWERS Question No : 8 Two virtual machines are unable to communicate with one another. The virtual machines are in the same distributed port group but reside on different ESXi hosts. What are two possible causes for the communications issue Choose two A. No physical NICs are assigned as active or standby uplinks in a NIC team B. The standby links are configured on different VLANs preventing heartbeats from reaching each VM C. The physical NICs assigned as active or standby uplinks reside on different VI ANs on the physical switch. D. Basic multicast filtering mode has been disabled on the ESXi hosts Answer: AB https://www.vcetests.com/2V0-642-vce.html

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VMWARE 2V0-642 QUESTIONS ANSWERS Question No : 9 An administrator enables the NSX Ticket Logger to track infrastructure changes. The administrator logs out for lunch returns and logs back in to complete the task. What is the status of ticket logger when the administrator logs back in A. The ticket logger still tracks changes until it is turned off by the administrator. B. The ticket logger is turned off. C. The ticket logger will prompt the user if they still want to continue tracking changes. D. The ticket logger will display an error. Answer: B https://www.vcetests.com/2V0-642-vce.html

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VMWARE 2V0-642 QUESTIONS ANSWERS Question No : 10 Which three ways can membership be defined in a dynamic security group Choose three A. Distributed Firewall Rules B. Local ID C. Security Tags D. Regular Expressions E. Security groups Answer: ACE https://www.vcetests.com/2V0-642-vce.html

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